Dress Day Day 5 Double Decker Gecks

Wearing glasses is not a lot of fun.

Accordingly I only wear glasses because:

(a) I got drunk and fell asleep in my contacts so often at University that my eyeballs look like this under an optician’s little bright light; and

(b) after the age of 35 you get past caring if people are going to put off making passes at you based on your facial furniture. I assume that Sophia Loren is not short of the odd wolf whistle or two, for example

The Not Drowning Mother wrote a very touching post about her daughter Pixie becoming a speccy four eyes. I remember wondering when I read it how I would feel if the Minx was similarly afflicted.

Glasses have been part of my life since I was 7 years old.  The Minx is just about to turn 4.  For a couple of years fear of breaking my glasses stopped me getting into playground fights until I learned to take them off and hand them to people. I suspect that the Minx would just take them stick the glasses on the top of her head while sinking her sharp little teeth into a detractor’s throat.

See that left eye though? Apparently she is seriously astigmatic.  So now it is either glasses or …

a monocle.

I feel for her, I really do – it has only taken me 35 years to not mind wearing my glasses.  But I realise looking at the photo below that I have  learned Diversionary Tactics including deflecting attention to my shoes:

or  by using the cunning Old Two Pairs of Glasses/Accidentally Glimpse of Suspender Belt Straps Out Ploy:

Had at least one pair of her glasses worked properly, she would have noticed the suspender belt flash sooner... Silk Kimono Dress by Seduce via eBay, vintage stockings from Australian eBay seller sewingmachinegirl, suspender skirt by Stockings HQ http://www.stockingshq.com

I suppose if I had one piece of advice to give the Minx it would be this – make sure that people remember you for something other than your gecks.

Meantime I would like to thank the staff at the Sydney Eye Hospital who treated the Minx and I so well on Friday. The waiting times were minimal – the staff were all fabulous at helping the Minx feel at home – I wish that all hospital visits were so swift and pleasant.

I would also like to apologise for any missing pieces of important optical equipment. We will bring these back with us next time.

Do you wear glasses or contact lenses? How do you feel about being four eyed?

5 thoughts on “Dress Day Day 5 Double Decker Gecks

  1. I’ve worn contact lenses for the last 14 years. When I started it was a rigid lens in my bad left eye, now I wear soft lenses in both eyes and have super eyesight! Most people don’t notice I wear them until I whinge about them drying out or something being caught under them.

    For almost the entire length of a previous relationship (~4yrs) an ex tried to convince me to change to glasses, the ever popular “but girls look so cute in glasses” excuse. I prefer lenses. Yes they can be a royal pain at times but I love that I have no border to my field of clear vision, can wear them almost anywhere (I’ve even opened my eyes while underwater without losing them) and the type I wear have built in UV protection that outmatches my sunglasses.

    I’m the only person I know who has only ever worn lenses and doesn’t have a backup pair of glasses. This is a result of my prescription for my worst eye still being pretty low. Despite feeling blind when I venture out naked eyed, I’m apparently still legal to drive without lenses in, I don’t though. Both my sister and I started wearing contact lenses when we were in our early teens. Sorry for rambling on a little there.

  2. I’ve been a four-eyes since the day I turned 16 & “they” tried to withhold my license because I was only using one eye, the other was shortsighted. Now I wear contacts too, out of boredom… The only time I do 2 x pairs is when I feel like watching a 3D movie after a long day at work… The feeling soon passes & I give up.

  3. Sorry for the late comment, I was travelling, using an internet stick that is soooo bad! Well, so… I wear contact lenses since I was a teenager, 13. Before I wore glasses for 2 years, since 11, then. I hated. I still do. I wear glasses at home if I don’t have much to do – but if I have to leave the house for any reason (what people normally do, right? But I took this year, after the end of the Master’s, to do eactly what I wanted, whenever possible. To recover. Put my emotions in order. So there are days I don’t leave the house and I pretty much like it.) So, digression apart, when I go to the supermarket, post office, pharmacy, a friend, art gallery, any place anyway, I wear lenses. And this is who I am. People try to tell me “you look soooo cute wearing glasses”, and thank you friends, but I have even another attitude when I wear glasses. And a more confident one wearing lenses.
    I’m terribly shortsighted. I don’t see people’s features or any image at all without either glasses or lenses. And many times it all gets blurred, even wearing them. I got used to it anyway.
    Once I had to go to the doctor and he told me “don’t wear glasses or lenses for 24 hours”. I was a teacher at that time, and I thought “well, to teach I don’t have to see things, so, I’ll go.” That was the second day of the term, so students were still coming in, new ones, not present on the first day. The school could change teachers in the first classes, according to the group’s profile/teacher’s profile. I took another group the following week, and some people greeted me then at the entrance of school saying “Hi, Denise!” I thought “I never saw them before!” but said hello anyway. I thought later “of course! The new students that I wasn’t able to see because of the lack of lenses/glasses!!!” I only heard them!!!!
    I wear both soft and hard lenses, depnding on the day. They are all good to me.
    Oh, mine, I thank the person who invented contact lenses… and glasses too, anyway… better to depend on them, than seeing nothing at all…

  4. I love my glasses. But I don’t need to wear them all the time anymore. If I want to make out people’s faces when walking down a street, I have to wear them. But I don’t always want to be able to do that.

    Love the monocle.

    But yeah, having to wear glasses at a young age sucks.

    On the upside though, I don’t know if there is the same stigma with kids wearing glasses that there used to be. I know a few parents that are actually proud about it — like it somehow means their kids are smart. And there are so many tween “celebrities” (especially female ones) that wear glasses, that I think it may actually be cool to have glasses. See, e.g., http://www.popstaronline.com/blog/entry/mirandas-fun-frames/; http://www.werdyo.com/girls/victoria_justice-glasses.php; http://selenagomezweb.com/news/selenas-new-glasses/

    • My blog decided that you were spam and ate you. Bad blog .

      I agree that now we have a choice of funky glasses it is much easier to wear them. Also, I do notice that celebrities have a tendency to wear them more to interviews to look erudite. More often than not it works. Of course one has to remember to clean the peanut butter off

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