eBay Sizing Disaster Dress Dare Day 4

This lacy dress was described on eBay as a ‘Lace Dress/Tunic, size 6 – 8’.

While I would never describe myself as an expert this looks to me more like a lace tee-shirt rather than a tunic. That could, of course, be a sign of my advancing age.

One of my colleagues suggested, as I pulled this so called dress down over my buttocks for the umpteenth time that I should just brave wearing it with no tights and a g-string. Her reasoning was that bare skin might do a better job of keeping the dress in place. This was not an option that I was prepared to run before having a couple of beach months under my bum first.  So I just wore the dress with a long, long leather jacket and boots.

People often ask me if I find online buying difficult due the sizing issues. Generally I do not.  I am a standard 1980s size 8 – everything that I buy vintage fits PERFECTLY.

From the 80s on everything goes a bit funny.  My measurements are (currently)

Bust:    32 inches

Waist:  24 inches

Hips:   35 inches

This is according to size charts equate to the following modern standard dress sizes:

US Size 2

UK Size  6

Australian Size 6

European Size  34

All of these statistics mean absolutely nothing unless and until you have tried a dress on. It seems to me from trying on clothes that are allegedly my size is that:

(a) there are a lot of really tall, extremely skinny fit models being used; and/or

(b)  most women size 6 or smaller do not have bums or muscly legs.

In other words, measurements which should fit me often don’t.  As a result on eBay I err on the side of caution and buy clothing brands that I have tried on in sizes that fit me or go for stretchy things a size smaller than I would normally buy.

Not to blow my own trumpet but I very VERY seldom end up buying something that doesn’t fit.  Notable exceptions include the Stella McCartney sale dress from eBay that is a true to size Aus 6 and strains at the seams round my hips (only worn with an extremely firm Rago(R) girdle) and a silk swing skirted Wish size 6 dress that does not fit round my chest unless the straps loosened so much that my not particularly large breasts escape out of the sides and the top.

Bearing in mind that none of the disaster dresses cost more than $15.00 plus postage, I don’t feel particularly concerned about buying online in the future.

If there are any small bottomed or small busted size 6’s out there, let me know and I’ll send you one or other of my size disasters.

Luckily enough the boots fit but I did buy those in person via vintage store Broadway Betty in Ultimo (last worn for the Geek Ladies Lunch last year).

What was your worst online buying sizing disaster?

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