Baby It’s Cold (& Hot out there) Dress a Day Dare Day 3

It’s fairly easy to become obsessively interested in the weather in Sydney springtime.

Last Friday the temperature climbed up to 28 degrees. By Sunday it was pishing with rain and 20 degrees again.  This week the days have started cold and either decided to stay that way or inch closer to warmth and spring sunshine.

This is when the trans-seasonal dressing experts will tell you that you can layer to deal with the vagaries of in between weather. This is fashion bollocks.

What happens with me with layering  is that I end up bunging a jumper and a jacket on first thing in the morning to deal with the chill air (I was up at 4.30 am this morning) and then end up carrying the aforesaid items around everything with you.  That is fine unless you are a parent when you are also carrying around snack boxes with cheese, half a kilo of grapes and crayons, at least two paperback kids books with pages missing and your daughter’s sneakers.

However Spring is entirely worth it when, at the tail end of the day you get a chance to sit in the saffron hued spring late afternoon light smelling jasmine flowers wearing a 50 styled silk dress.

Effectively sitting in toddler seats involves ensuring that one' s legs are crossed

with a pair of bright red stilettos that are not long for this world. Never, ever buy PU stilettos – they toe scab REALLY quickly.


Date: 27 September 2011
Silk Dress: Tokito via eBay
Stockings: eBay seller Leglines
Stilettos: Novo Red Stilettos saved as 43 of 105 last worn for Burns Night 2010

5 thoughts on “Baby It’s Cold (& Hot out there) Dress a Day Dare Day 3

  1. I love the whole outfit, the shoes (my favorite color!), the Noisy Boy so sweet!, but above all, your smile! You really look amazing, it’s coming from the soul!
    So, good weather there and here too! (Let’s see for how long…!)

  2. How did this post sneak past me?!? I really love that dress… and your description of our spring afternoons. I wish the public transport between our houses was better so we could hang out before dark some week days… soon it will be summer & we’ll have weekends… i’ll be bugging you for beach days all the time xox

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