Wear a Dress a Day Dare Day 2 – Tights are not Pants Tunic Dress

I’d like to welcome my new subscriber Mr Franksting who spearheads the ‘tights are not pants‘ movement here in Sydney.

The manifesto of TANP includes the following tenets:

– Gussets should not be public

– Camel podiatry is a profession best practised behind closed doors

–  Jeggings are just blue versions of tights and not really tight jeans

–  There is no exemption for people with nice bums wearing tights with running shoes or apparently for yoga teachers.

Image Courtesy of Cybele Malinowski – Copyright Blue Murder Studios 2011 http://bluemurderstudios.com.au/

Stubbornly and until recently I have exercised my right to go to the studio in my yoga tights without the fear that I might be offending people.  Leggings and tights are comfy and comfy is important when trying to put one’s legs over one’s shoulders. Also getting changed in and out of clothes when you are in a rush for a class is a pain in the bum. Arguably since yoga doesn’t involve  too much sweating it should be possible to wear your yoga gear before, during and after a class.

I am a firm believer in day to night exercise wear – wearing something comfy that can transition from workwear to workout out wear to going out wear with the addition a pair of high heels, a nice top and jewellery.

I have a long way to go with transition wear and I realised recently that I couldn’t get away with tights as  pants when a school age girl trotted up next to me and suggested quietly that I might want to pull my tights up up.  Oh yes, yet another one of those embarrassing  bum out in public incidents that seem to be my destiny this year.

So today I decided to try dressing up my tights and covering up my builder’s cleavage with a tunic dress. It is one of those beach lengths ie too short to wear around the streets and too long/flappy to be a going out dress. It worked quite well for yoga though.

Marks & Spencer Limited Collection Chiffon Tunic Dress (present from Mamma & Papa Taz  with Novo Platform Stiletto Sandals

And I managed to save a pair of sandals.

Novo Platform Stilettos Sandals (Summer 2010 collection)

Not bad the day after Disgusting Sky day.

Monday 26 September 2011 

7 thoughts on “Wear a Dress a Day Dare Day 2 – Tights are not Pants Tunic Dress

  1. Very beautiful sandals!!! I liked the nail polish too! But amazing, really amazing is the first picture: you look fabulous – such a smile and that pose/yoga position! Simply amazing!
    I read an Australian blogger saying once the same about tights used as pants. I don’t do this. In fact, it’s a bit awkward, really. The next step wouid be wearing bikinis in central London because the temperature is high in August? (Uh… not this year!) I don’t think so, but I don’t judge…


  2. Hmmm, i don’t understand how leggings with gym shoes (especially with a perky butt) is still unacceptable. Would you rather we don’t exercise at all Mr Sting?

    PS What is disgusting sky day?

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