Dare of the week: Wear a dress every day – Day 1

Way back at the Aussie Bloggers Conference  I found myself staring intently at and then introducing myself to Andrea aka Fox In Flats.  She was wearing a very sexy pair of knee length flat boots.  Unlike many people, she did not sidle away from me smiling nervously nor did she call for security when I told her that her boots had drawn me to her and told me a bit more about her then new blog.

Andrea claims modestly that she is not the eponymous Fox in Flats (I beg to differ – she’s gorgeous).  Her blog, primarily a fashion and beauty resource for the sleep deprived and playground bound is always a lot of fun and has the underlying objective of helping mothers rediscover their inner hot chick. She is possibly the Australian go-to resource for good looking comfy shoes.

On Sunday Andrea  laid down a challenge that I could not resist – the “Wear a Dress Every Day Dare“.

The rules are simple:

All week regardless of where I am going, who I am seeing and how hairy my legs might be…from when I wake up, till I put my PJs on at night.

So I said to Andrea:

then Andrea said to me:

and my problem is now that I don’t know whether I can find a pair of flats that will do a dress justice… or a pair of  flats at all in fact, full stop.

Tune in tomorrow through Saturday to find out if I will be a failed Flat Fox-ette.  Meantime time to save a few more shoes for the Shoeperwoman Shoe Challenge.

I do love a double dare so without further ado…

Dress 1 – Disgusting Behaviour from the Sky Day

Sunday 25 September 2011 – Weather: Pishing with Rain

For me, dresses are easy peasy dressing.

Dresses are the clothing equivalent of slow cooked roast lamb surrounded by roughly chopped root vegetables. For very little preparation time you get a lot of return particularly on a rainy Sydney Sunday.

when all you want to do is coorie doon under a doona.

only to venture out for sparkly things

while wearing a sensible pair of black rain boots:

Black High Heeled Long Soft Leather Boots by Sachi

Dress-  George (gifted by a colleague).

Soft long black leather boots (can be worn OTK or UTK) by Sachi.

Important Question to Consider: How does wearing a dress make you feel?

This question is not gender specific as I know some chaps who can absolutely rock a frock namely executive transvestite Brian McCloskey of Like Punk Never Happened and fabulous hair fame. Brian’s inspired Friday Frocks on Facebook inspire me and no doubt many others.


Andrea is currently looking for readers’ ideas for future fashion challenges. Given time and enough champagne, I may even talk her into “Wear Shapewear Every Day Dare“. How much fun would to have mums wearing waist cinchers to Coles pushing a pram with perfect posture?

Please send other more sensible suggestions to FoxInFlats {dot} com {dot} au – Andrea will choose a new dare each week

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