Spring has sprung – more Stilettos courtesy of my new shoe repairman

For those of you whom I have neglected all I can say is – sorry. I do love you, I have been thinking of you all A LOT but, but, but, BUUTTT…

Excuses are never as good as actions are they really? So without further ado- I have about 5 pairs of shoes to save and about a day to do it in so buckle up, brace yourselves and enjoy the ride.

Let me start my spring shoesave-extravanganza by telling you about the new part time love of my life, the man who took care of these

… my shoe repair man.

I’ve not had a lot of success with shoe repair men here in Sydney. In fact, it is probably easier to find a good plastic surgeon than a good cobbler in these parts.

What I am used to in shoe repair persons: asking to have soles glued on only to have them fall off again mid-wear, asking for steel heel tips only to get vinyl, asking for shoe love only to receive perfunctory service.

What I am looking for in shoe repair persons: (and I say this as someone who is distinctly odd about shoes) is someone who picks up my shoes tenderly, someone who smiles at me like a benevolent nurse as they take my precious cargo from me, someone who knows what I want them to do for my shoes even before I open my mouth. Someone who loves shoes almost as much, if not more, than I do.

What I found in my shoe repair person– a tall man with a faint Eastern European accent, soft white hair and beard and kindly eyes. He handed my stilettos back to me and said quietly, gently and yet conspiratorially – “I polished them for you“.

I met his gaze, smiled very slowly back, hugged my shoes to my chest and thanked him for taking such good care of my ‘babies‘.

Meantime at home my real babies gave me a sound telling off for putting my newly heeled shoes up on the sofa. Kids, eh?

Shoes: Pura Lopez black slingback kid stilettos

Silk Frock: BeBe (via ebay.com)

Weans: Found hanging around the sofa and the fridge respectively.

Shoes Repairs by: Nassar Bros. Shoe Repairs, 10 Woolworths Arcade

Hurstville, NSW

5 thoughts on “Spring has sprung – more Stilettos courtesy of my new shoe repairman

    • Welcome to Law and Shoes, it’s nice to meet you. I am quite impressed with the array of shoes on your blog and with your egalitarian approach to high heel wearing. Of course men should be complimented on wearing a fabulous pair of heels! It takes more courage and a lot more practice for most men to walk in high heels. Keep up the good work!

  1. Ah, great to see you posted again! I come here kind of 3 times a week to check out whether you had time to post or not – working and having/taking care of your little children must consume a lot of time, absolutely no doubt about it!
    Well, it’s nice to see you got a nice cobbler! For me it’s also a “must”! Although most times I wear my shoes once or twice (I recognize that with the amount of shoes I have, it’s impossible to wear a pair around 15 times), I have some that I simply loooove(d) and so, they get/got damaged. What I do is to test a cobbler with a pair I don’t exactly love, but like, and if the service is good, the cobbler is allowed to fix the beloved ones…!

    • Hi Denise – yes, I need to figure out how to subscribe to your blog.

      You can subscribe to mine by email

      Your shoe challenge saves are putting me to shame girl, I need to write like a fiend or I am never going to get there!

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