Baby It’s Cold (& Hot out there) Dress a Day Dare Day 3

It’s fairly easy to become obsessively interested in the weather in Sydney springtime.

Last Friday the temperature climbed up to 28 degrees. By Sunday it was pishing with rain and 20 degrees again.  This week the days have started cold and either decided to stay that way or inch closer to warmth and spring sunshine.

This is when the trans-seasonal dressing experts will tell you that you can layer to deal with the vagaries of in between weather. This is fashion bollocks.

What happens with me with layering  is that I end up bunging a jumper and a jacket on first thing in the morning to deal with the chill air (I was up at 4.30 am this morning) and then end up carrying the aforesaid items around everything with you.  That is fine unless you are a parent when you are also carrying around snack boxes with cheese, half a kilo of grapes and crayons, at least two paperback kids books with pages missing and your daughter’s sneakers.

However Spring is entirely worth it when, at the tail end of the day you get a chance to sit in the saffron hued spring late afternoon light smelling jasmine flowers wearing a 50 styled silk dress.

Effectively sitting in toddler seats involves ensuring that one' s legs are crossed

with a pair of bright red stilettos that are not long for this world. Never, ever buy PU stilettos – they toe scab REALLY quickly.


Date: 27 September 2011
Silk Dress: Tokito via eBay
Stockings: eBay seller Leglines
Stilettos: Novo Red Stilettos saved as 43 of 105 last worn for Burns Night 2010

Wear a Dress a Day Dare Day 2 – Tights are not Pants Tunic Dress

I’d like to welcome my new subscriber Mr Franksting who spearheads the ‘tights are not pants‘ movement here in Sydney.

The manifesto of TANP includes the following tenets:

– Gussets should not be public

– Camel podiatry is a profession best practised behind closed doors

–  Jeggings are just blue versions of tights and not really tight jeans

–  There is no exemption for people with nice bums wearing tights with running shoes or apparently for yoga teachers.

Image Courtesy of Cybele Malinowski – Copyright Blue Murder Studios 2011

Stubbornly and until recently I have exercised my right to go to the studio in my yoga tights without the fear that I might be offending people.  Leggings and tights are comfy and comfy is important when trying to put one’s legs over one’s shoulders. Also getting changed in and out of clothes when you are in a rush for a class is a pain in the bum. Arguably since yoga doesn’t involve  too much sweating it should be possible to wear your yoga gear before, during and after a class.

I am a firm believer in day to night exercise wear – wearing something comfy that can transition from workwear to workout out wear to going out wear with the addition a pair of high heels, a nice top and jewellery.

I have a long way to go with transition wear and I realised recently that I couldn’t get away with tights as  pants when a school age girl trotted up next to me and suggested quietly that I might want to pull my tights up up.  Oh yes, yet another one of those embarrassing  bum out in public incidents that seem to be my destiny this year.

So today I decided to try dressing up my tights and covering up my builder’s cleavage with a tunic dress. It is one of those beach lengths ie too short to wear around the streets and too long/flappy to be a going out dress. It worked quite well for yoga though.

Marks & Spencer Limited Collection Chiffon Tunic Dress (present from Mamma & Papa Taz  with Novo Platform Stiletto Sandals

And I managed to save a pair of sandals.

Novo Platform Stilettos Sandals (Summer 2010 collection)

Not bad the day after Disgusting Sky day.

Monday 26 September 2011 

Dare of the week: Wear a dress every day – Day 1

Way back at the Aussie Bloggers Conference  I found myself staring intently at and then introducing myself to Andrea aka Fox In Flats.  She was wearing a very sexy pair of knee length flat boots.  Unlike many people, she did not sidle away from me smiling nervously nor did she call for security when I told her that her boots had drawn me to her and told me a bit more about her then new blog.

Andrea claims modestly that she is not the eponymous Fox in Flats (I beg to differ – she’s gorgeous).  Her blog, primarily a fashion and beauty resource for the sleep deprived and playground bound is always a lot of fun and has the underlying objective of helping mothers rediscover their inner hot chick. She is possibly the Australian go-to resource for good looking comfy shoes.

On Sunday Andrea  laid down a challenge that I could not resist – the “Wear a Dress Every Day Dare“.

The rules are simple:

All week regardless of where I am going, who I am seeing and how hairy my legs might be…from when I wake up, till I put my PJs on at night.

So I said to Andrea:

then Andrea said to me:

and my problem is now that I don’t know whether I can find a pair of flats that will do a dress justice… or a pair of  flats at all in fact, full stop.

Tune in tomorrow through Saturday to find out if I will be a failed Flat Fox-ette.  Meantime time to save a few more shoes for the Shoeperwoman Shoe Challenge.

I do love a double dare so without further ado…

Dress 1 – Disgusting Behaviour from the Sky Day

Sunday 25 September 2011 – Weather: Pishing with Rain

For me, dresses are easy peasy dressing.

Dresses are the clothing equivalent of slow cooked roast lamb surrounded by roughly chopped root vegetables. For very little preparation time you get a lot of return particularly on a rainy Sydney Sunday.

when all you want to do is coorie doon under a doona.

only to venture out for sparkly things

while wearing a sensible pair of black rain boots:

Black High Heeled Long Soft Leather Boots by Sachi

Dress-  George (gifted by a colleague).

Soft long black leather boots (can be worn OTK or UTK) by Sachi.

Important Question to Consider: How does wearing a dress make you feel?

This question is not gender specific as I know some chaps who can absolutely rock a frock namely executive transvestite Brian McCloskey of Like Punk Never Happened and fabulous hair fame. Brian’s inspired Friday Frocks on Facebook inspire me and no doubt many others.


Andrea is currently looking for readers’ ideas for future fashion challenges. Given time and enough champagne, I may even talk her into “Wear Shapewear Every Day Dare“. How much fun would to have mums wearing waist cinchers to Coles pushing a pram with perfect posture?

Please send other more sensible suggestions to FoxInFlats {dot} com {dot} au – Andrea will choose a new dare each week

Spring has sprung – more Stilettos courtesy of my new shoe repairman

For those of you whom I have neglected all I can say is – sorry. I do love you, I have been thinking of you all A LOT but, but, but, BUUTTT…

Excuses are never as good as actions are they really? So without further ado- I have about 5 pairs of shoes to save and about a day to do it in so buckle up, brace yourselves and enjoy the ride.

Let me start my spring shoesave-extravanganza by telling you about the new part time love of my life, the man who took care of these

… my shoe repair man.

I’ve not had a lot of success with shoe repair men here in Sydney. In fact, it is probably easier to find a good plastic surgeon than a good cobbler in these parts.

What I am used to in shoe repair persons: asking to have soles glued on only to have them fall off again mid-wear, asking for steel heel tips only to get vinyl, asking for shoe love only to receive perfunctory service.

What I am looking for in shoe repair persons: (and I say this as someone who is distinctly odd about shoes) is someone who picks up my shoes tenderly, someone who smiles at me like a benevolent nurse as they take my precious cargo from me, someone who knows what I want them to do for my shoes even before I open my mouth. Someone who loves shoes almost as much, if not more, than I do.

What I found in my shoe repair person– a tall man with a faint Eastern European accent, soft white hair and beard and kindly eyes. He handed my stilettos back to me and said quietly, gently and yet conspiratorially – “I polished them for you“.

I met his gaze, smiled very slowly back, hugged my shoes to my chest and thanked him for taking such good care of my ‘babies‘.

Meantime at home my real babies gave me a sound telling off for putting my newly heeled shoes up on the sofa. Kids, eh?

Shoes: Pura Lopez black slingback kid stilettos

Silk Frock: BeBe (via

Weans: Found hanging around the sofa and the fridge respectively.

Shoes Repairs by: Nassar Bros. Shoe Repairs, 10 Woolworths Arcade

Hurstville, NSW

Saved from Retail Shoe Shopping Hell?

Peep Toe Shoes - Miss Von Teese - Black Patent Leather. Sale price $100.00. Sizes 38 & 39 only (Westfield Shoes Online)

A very nice lady sent me an email recently.

I would like to give you $100 to buy shoes” she wrote.

Not surprisingly I was excited by this news and immediately told my friends and family.

What’s the catch?” they asked.

The catch was that I had buy the shoes via Westfield Shoes Online and then write about the experience. How hard could that be I asked myself (and anyone else that was still listening)?

Online shoe shopping is much more pleasant than real life shoe shopping particularly when one has a Minx in one’s life. Real life shoe shops in shopping centres drive me completely bonkers. Our local Westfield has put dispensers full of sweeties near my favourite shoe stores. For a parent with two children under 10 this dooms any attempt at shopping to tantrum fuelled failure ab initio. The last time I bought shoes in an actual shoe store, therefore, was about 18 months ago. I now have a list of eBay saved shoe searches that takes me a couple of cups of tea to get through every morning. Occasionally, I will uncover something really quite special via eBay that warms my heart and brightens my shoe cupboard.  My birthday Lorenzis fall into this category.  I bought them for $99 from a shoe obsessed woman in Melbourne who had purchased them for the Melbourne Cup, realised that she couldn’t walk in them and then stuck them on eBay. As a result, I almost never buy shoes retail or brand new. The cost horrifies me and the real life retail environment makes me want to run and hide someplace dark and quiet and listen to theta wave music.

At home I have the advantage of a television, Harry Potter DVDs and healthy snacks to keep my weans amused while I window shop via the safety of my computer screen.  These days I even have the use of a work laptop which allows me to shop from my bed, sometimes before I am even fully awake. So armed with $100 of credit and a computer, I took a deep breath and gave online retail shopping a shot.

The Westfield Online Shopping experience is reasonably straightforward but not especially useful for high heel fiends. You can browse through four footwear styles – boots, flats, heels and sports.

The choice of heels is then subdivided into Type, Price and Size.  This is where I started to get frustrated – I like to be able to search by heel height – for example 3.5 to 4 inch heels, 4 to 5 inch heels and 5 inch plus heels – and by shoe style (platform, single sole etc).  I also like to be able to find out easily whether the shoes that I am looking at are 100% leather quickly and easily.  This is not possible on the Westfield site. Luckily since I knew what my price range was ($100) I set my search parameters to between $50 and $100.  This search returned two pairs of leather shoes – a classic suede high heeled pump (in black and nude) and a pair of Siren Nelly black leather shoe boots.

Siren Nelly Black Shoe Boots

I asked the denizens of  Twitter which shoes I should get. Nine out of ten people told me in no uncertain terms not to buy the peep toed boots. My good friend Professor Alison Young (of Images To Live By) counselled me quite strongly against them. “Peep toed boots look like a dog has chewed on them” she said.

My husband and fellow legal shoe obsessive Soshoemi were the only ones in favour of the peep toed boots. I bought them on their joint recommendation and a package arrived within two business days thereafter.

The Minx believes that all boxes and packages are gifts for her.

I did not have the heart to disappoint her.

Accordingly she was the first person to wear my new Siren shoe boots.

I couldn’t get them off her until she went to bed and even then I had to prise them off her wee feet.

My next problem was what to wear with the boots. The leather is very soft and the heel, though reasonably high, is quite comfy.  Boots like this by their very nature have a tendency to cut you off at the the ankle though so I sought some professional advice before use. Enter Nikki Parkinson of Styling You.

Wearing peep toe booties is a young look, therefore it’s all about the legs. I’d get the legs out if I were you” she counselled.

Here are the legs.

and the boots.

Siren Leather Stiletto Shoe Boots - via Westfield Online

Yes – I am wearing opaque tights which is a bit of a cheat but I wanted to make Nikki reasonably proud of me or at least ensure that I didn’t embarass her too much.

There is a fairly good sale on at Westfield Online at the moment – if I had my $100 to spend again I would consider some of these Peep Toe Shoes :

Peeptoe Miss Classique Watermelon Patent Leather Pumps - $249.00 down to $100.00. Size 38 only.

Peeptoe Miss Bond Girl Black Patent Leather Pumps. $249.00 down to $100.00. Westfield Online. Size 37 only.

Have you had any online shoe shopping experiences? Who did you shop with? Was the experience good, bad, indifferent?


#Shoe Save 39 of 105