Why Victoria, Vanessa and I need to get comfortable shoes. Shoe Saves

A couple of weekends ago we took the kids to the beach. It was extremely windy.

I wore completely the wrong type of shoes entirely:

Irregular Choice Mules

although I did manage to talk myself into wearing a nice sensible warm puffer jacket and comfy trousers (and socks).

Fast forward a week and it seemed like a good idea to take the weans for a bush walk to wear them out get some fresh air down their necks. Since the aforesaid bush is in an itty bitty boutique park behind our house it was more of a bush stroll but still sufficiently wild for the children to believe that they were going on a bear hunt. I managed wear a pair of boots that were not really fit for purpose. The boots were last seen being worn by the Minx here.

The Minx wears: Catamini Jumper, pyjama bottoms & her big brother's old shoes. My boots: The Wild Pair suede/leather knee boots via eBay. Overly bright Fair Isle sweater brought from Scotland and the only one not munched to death by Australian moths.

Wearing impractical footwear is not unusual for me. On a windy beach in Scotland I once ruined a perfectly good pair of leather soled handmade cowboy boots scrambling over rocks. I was wearing a fake fur coat at the time too.

When hiking in the Scottish Highlands I managed to get sheep faeces all over a nice pair of black suede boots with 3.5 inch heels. Why on earth do I do these things to myself? It is almost 99.9 % vanity. Being short, my legs look a lot better in jeans when I am wearing a slight heel and hiking boots don’t have that effect. Well these might but you couldn’t pay me enough to wear them. Or maybe you could – make me an offer and we’ll take it from there.

Teva Hiking High Heeled Sandals

It would take a fair amount of convincing though since practical shoes are not things that I am naturally drawn to. There was a time when I collected flat shoes to walk everywhere in. Flat shoes, you should know, never ever last as long for me as heels. The reason for this may be that I treat my flat shoes a bit more viciously on the basis that I should be able to walk faster, jump higher and catch trains in them in a single bound. In heels I always give myself a bit of extra time to get places and so consquently the wear and tear is not quite so severe. In addition, I have suffered some of my worse shoe related injuries wearing flat shoes I am not alone in my vanity. Many women in the public eye will go to absurdly uncomfortable lengths to look glamorous for the paparazzi no matter how ridiculous the outfit outcome. Vanessa Hudgens struggled through photo opp recently with sticking plasters on her knees caused by a fall wearing platform heels while bike riding. On the same day that Vanessa’s photos were syndicated, model Victoria Silvstedt was photographed sinking into sand in stiletto sandals:

Victoria Silvstedt's Beach Stilettos - Copyright The Daily Mail 2011

According to Mary Anne Sieghert, this is possibly just another example of gullible women falling prey to what she calls the “tyranny of porn”. In the Independentshe says:

It’s no longer enough to be earthy, feminine, curvy – a real woman. These days, we are supposed to wax ourselves so as to appear an aberrant, plastic caricature of femininity. Then we are expected to wear heels so high that they look like they’ve been dragged off one of those soft-porn, semi-bondage posters teenage boys used to have in the 1970s, at the end of legs sheathed in latex. These shoes wreck your feet and cripple your lower back. At a yoga class the other day, I looked in despair at the state of the women’s misshapen toes. They could have been victims of Chinese foot-binding. High heels stop you running for a bus. They stop you running from danger. You can’t stride out in them; indeed, you can’t even keep up with the man you’re walking alongside. In a word, they make you submissive – just as having a Brazilian makes you look like a submissive pre-teen or willing porn actress. See the pattern? These trends are sold to us, in a hideously Orwellian fashion, as “empowering”. No, it’s not empowering to be hobbled by excruciating heels. Nor is it empowering to be encouraged to dance suggestively with a pole. It’s tacky, it’s tarty, it’s undignified and it’s wholly inappropriate unless you’ve embarked on a career as a prostitute.

Without going down the path of defending my love of heels I would say only this to Mary Anne – if you are looking at someone else’s toes in your yoga classes you are probably not concentrating hard enough on your bhandas or your drishtis. Both of these disciplines help you to walk more safely in heels incidentally. Also, some of us particularly those of us with a natural tendency to plantar flexion find it simply easier to walk on our toes. My paternal cousins and I all walk on our toes when barefoot, always have always will. So here is the challenge for folk like me (and my new shoe buddy Victoria) – to find a comfy pair of shoes that we could wear in the sand, then to park and then to a restaurant*. All comfy shoe suggestions will be gratefully considered and any eeking will be done privately. ______________________________________________________________ Irregular Choice Mules last worn here and saved herewith as Number 31 of 105 for the Shoeper Shoe Challenge Wild Pair Boots saved for the Shoeper Shoe Challenge #32 of 105.

*Not that I get to restaurants terribly often but if/when I do I will now be well prepared.

9 thoughts on “Why Victoria, Vanessa and I need to get comfortable shoes. Shoe Saves

  1. Ah, good. This blog is back; it seemed to have disappeared for a day. I thought I was going mad. My friend in den Haag would like the high heels for hiking; she was getting outfitted for the Santiago pilgrimage and rejected the boots shown her.

  2. Expensive shoes. They are better constructed and made of better materials.Do not sacrifice your feet to the cheap knock-offs. Cuban heels are comfy. I know you wont try Arche which I love but those Heavy Machinery shoes are supposed to be constructed for comfort. Or what about getting Shoes of Prey to make you a pair? I will be blogging about bespooke footwear soon. x

    • In my next life I’d shall aspire to Shoes of Prey & bespoke footwear . Actually, I am looking for funky shoes that I can walk for miles over rocks in. I might have a wee look at getting a pair of Docs for my next bush walk. Looking forward to your post on custom mades though x

    • soshoemi, I can’t agree more. Don’t buy cheap heals and then heals aren’t hard to walk in. Well made heals do not destroy your toes or ruin your feet.

      Of course you don’t spent 12 hours in them but you also shouldn’t spend 12 hours wearing a bra.

      If wearing heals makes you feel oppressed or like a wannabe p0rn star then you have more issues than sore feet or an inability to run.

  3. Well, I once wore high heels to climb a mountain covered by snow in Austria, and people were all commenting about my boots – not about the beauty of the place. I thought “leave me in peace if I think these are the right shoes for me now!” But they seem to know what’s better for everybody, at least the ones who are not dressed the way they want. I will go on wearing what I like…
    Today, I must confess I took a pair of ballerinas while strolling – bought in July – not to be so different from the masses… but I won’t do this all the time, it depends on the mood of the day… (I started the day in high heels… my post shows it!)
    To correct Mary Ann Sieghert, a Brazilian doesn’t leave a person (a woman, of course) looking like a pre-teen, this has another name and it’s called “Hollywood”, because of the porn film industry. Just for the record…
    You look amazing in your boots!!! I wrote that on shoeperwoman!!!!

    • Somehow I can visualise you doing just that and carrying it off with aplomb Denise. Unless someone comes up with sequinned hiking boots we may have to persist wearing out inappropriate footwear!

  4. I shall never wear ugly shoes but that does not mean I will only wear heels. It’s about form and design. There is beauty in many things and you may miss them if you wear impractical shoes and not see the mountains.

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