Sometimes a nightmare never ends: wearing red for the Morecombes: 15 August 2011

No one ever recovers from losing a child.

No doubt that you can function and you can keep on living but something inside you will always be grieving and searching for what you have lost. The loss of expectation of a life not fully lived.

Unless we have experienced such a loss, we cannot understand what Denise and Bruce Morecombe are feeling this week. Their son Daniel was abducted 8 years ago.

To know that your child has gone and that you will never see him again is terrible enough – to have no remains to visit, no official talisman of grief to sustain them is cruelty of an enormous magnitude.

Nikki Parkinson blogger, journalist and a parent herself encouraged us all to dress in red to honour the memory of Daniel yesterday.  Red is the colour of the tee shirt that Daniel was wearing when he disappeared. As a parent it is the very least that I could do.

Many many bloggers joined in silent support yesterday, swathed in shades of red. Here are a few of them:

Daniel Morecamber Memorial Mosaic - Copyright Nikki Parkinson 2011

You can find an enlarged version of the Mosaic here .

For further information about the Morecombe’s child safety campaign and to send words of support visit the Daniel Morecombe Foundation website.

Cheongsam; Red

I'm wearing red for Daniel today

In Chinese culture red is a symbol of fire and of good fortune and joy. I wish and pray and will continue to wish and pray for all of these these things for Denise and Bruce Morcombe.

5 thoughts on “Sometimes a nightmare never ends: wearing red for the Morecombes: 15 August 2011

  1. Oh, wow… what for a nice campaign… if I had read this before, I would certainly have worn red today… and since red is my favorite color… I will think of them the next time I wear it… and will send them good vibes, for sure… It’s really really sad and devastating what they had gone and are going through…
    On a personal note, I love your outfit – I have a similar one 🙂 – and you look amazing as always – outside for sure, and on the inside too, always thinking of other people -you really have such a wonderful heart!

    • I can’t claim any credit for this Denise but I am so glad that you read the post and that one more person is thinking of the Morcombes. It is my belief that collective good wishes do combine to create something warm and positive.

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