It’s my birthday & I’ll sing out of tune if I want to – Shoe Challenge 31 of 105 – The Lorenzi Platforms

Bless me readers for I have failed to save any shoes for nearly two months now and here is my confession – I may now have more than 105 pairs to save and 146 days in which to save them all.

Be prepared for copious shoe posts about nothing in particular and with lots of photographs to fill the gaps.

Luckily I am recommencing the Shoe Challenge with one of my favourite pairs of shoes:

Black Patent Leather & Turquoise Suede Gianmarco Lorenzi Platforms

These are not only one of my favourite pairs of my shoes but regularly eyed fondly by others. I wore them to our corporate photoshoot at the studio – that’s me on the far right hand side.

Our CEO Nikki fell a bit in love with them that night and then snaffled them for our next photoshoot:

These Lorenzis are particularly vertiginous heels but not terribly difficult to walk in – providing one does so slowly and not along bumpy Sydney streets. Alcohol helps enormously I find.

Such is my fondness for these shoes that I save them up for very special occasions – Christmas parties, photoshoots and birthdays.  They have a fairly huge personality of their own and are best matched with little black dresses like this one:

Turquoise Necklace: Birthday gift from the weans; black silk dress by Jacquie E via eBay; Gianmarco Lorenzi Platforms. Seamed fully fashioned contrast stockings from Cervin at

It was a birthday party that deserved a special pair of shoes as it has kicked off an August of birthdays and celebrations which will include a karaoke competition at some stage. Being a health studio that believes in balancing yin and yang we had equal amounts of nice and naughty things.

Cupcakes and chickpeas

Strawberries and jelly sweeties

Champagne and single malt whisky (that may be two yins or two yangs of course)

Grace will be enjoying the next birthday off the cab rank

and copious Karaoke

Something that very few people know about me is how much I loathe the sound of my own singing voice. This is something that I can date back to Primary 7 at St Catherine’s in Paisley. We were all of us singing our wee hearts out over some hymn or another for a school mass when Sister Cecilia stopped, pursed her lips in an unhappy way and declared:

Something is not right.  You three – stop singing” she tutted waving at me and another couple of children next to me.

Right, start again” she said and waved her ruler like a conductor’s baton .  “That’s better” she said happily as I sat there silent, with my face burning, absolutely mortified with shame.

Up until recently the only place that I have happily sung publicly was in church. There is safety in numbers and let’s face it,  there will always be someone else there with a soprano that bends the stained glass windows.

About three weeks ago, the entire Education team headed out for karoake.  There is empirical research that group singing promotes well being by boosting oxytocin which in turn leads to feelings of happiness and well being.  I really didn’t think that I could get up and sing but I closed my eyes and bellowed out this song with one of my younger colleagues:

And with that song I broke the back of my fear of public singing.

Last Friday, we worked our way through this song with choreography. It is a big help having people around you to hit the impossibly high notes while you mime and laugh at yourself

Anyone else scared of singing in public?  Come along and growl with me:

Well, I got one foot on the platform
The other foot on the train
I’m goin’ back to New Orleans
To wear that ball and chain

13 thoughts on “It’s my birthday & I’ll sing out of tune if I want to – Shoe Challenge 31 of 105 – The Lorenzi Platforms

  1. One if my faves too…
    “My mother was a tailor
    She sewed my new blue jeans
    My father was a gamblin’ man
    Down in New Orleans”
    Happy belated birthday xox

  2. Welcome back to the shoe challenge! And what a fantastic way to reenter – those shoes really do have a personality all of their own.

    Karaoke is something I hate and yet love at the same time. I spent 3 weeks in China late last year and got to know it very well then, but it is just not the same in the bars of Wellington. Perhaps Sydney would be a more welcoming environment for belting out the classics.

  3. These shoes are so beautiful, I felt an urge to buy more shoes the moment I saw them! Great to see you’re saving shoes again)

    A confession – I can’t sing. I’d give all my shoes collection for a beautiful singing voice. I dare to sing only when I drive, alone.. Happily it happens quite often, because I LOVE to sing! Ironically, I have a pretty good musical ear so I know exactly when I take a wrong note. It’s mortifying)
    I wouldn’t dare to karaoke even if my life depended on it.. So you’re my hero now))

    • Tali my singing is just horrible but I have found that chutzpah, closing my eyes and standing behind someone who can hit the high notes is enormously helpful! The shoes take all the credit for their beauty and thank you personally x

  4. You will be proud to know that I am wearing my new (aka second hand bought) Manolo’s to my birthday party on Saturday night and….we are doing Karaoke!! I hope my night out is just as fun as yours sounds.
    Ally’s Sister

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