The world is full of pregnant women & legal yogis

If you have never been pregnant  (nor wanted to get pregnant) the title of this post will mean nothing to you.

However, if you are concurrently convex of abdomen, you may have noticed that there are many other women in the same state.  Big bellies round the corner of supermarket aisles at least 15 seconds before the owner.  A slight movement catches the corner of your eye in the bus queue – a woman just short of your blind spot has started rubbing her belly meditatively, either following the internal kicks and punches inside or perhaps reassuring the now sleeping small person-to-be inside.  These sights will be reassuring or gut wrenchingly painful depending on your personal viewpoint.

Ex-smokers will tell you the same thing – as soon as you give up smoking suddenly there are smokers EVERYWHERE. Walking in front of you on the pavement, flicking their ash out of the windows of their cars,  huddled together for warm outside shopping centre sliding doors.

Human beings are pack animals, we like the company of others. More than that we like the company of others who like the same things that we do.

Imagine my delight to come across Law in the Moment – a blog written by a trial lawyer who also happens to love Neil Young and is a yogi.

One post that particularly struck a chord is entitled Treachery as a Gift.  By nature I am a fighter and cannot understand why you would help someone else avoid bad karma by allowing them to literally get away with personally attacking you, bad mouthing you and doing their utmost to ruin your reputation.

But then I have learned a lot of things about myself this month including the fact that while I still cannot sing, I can do a pretty gutsy rendition of this song (if I close my eyes).

Sometimes you just have to let other people carry on down their own paths in life, wish them well and hope that they will find peace.

Are you a lover or a fighter? Do you carry a grudge to the death or can you forgive and move on?



6 thoughts on “The world is full of pregnant women & legal yogis

  1. Absolutely agree on “quit smoking and then everyone around you smokes” statement! ))) they’re everywhere!
    As for forgiveness.. I myself don’t believe in helping others avoid bad karma (what’s that, anyway??). While I believe in soul and reincarnation, I also believe it’s everyone’s own responsibility to learn their lessons.
    But would I fight back? uhm, not always. Mostly I just don’t have the stamina to react to attacks, as I mostly don’t give a sh*t. But if it gets further.. then I will fight, not to prove something to somebody or for “justice” but only to protect myself.
    And thanks for the song.. it brings most beautiful memories. And if I could choose “features” of my life-plan again, I’d ask to be able to sing. I wish I could sing!

  2. Isn’t it all about knowing which battles to pick?

    I like to think I do know. But every now and again I throw my soft soul against brick walls when I should simply yield, or let people tread harshly on me when I should rage against them.

    I wouldn’t say I hold grudges. I have forgiven acts, trespasses and people I never imagined I would, including but not limited to my parents. However, I am a hard person to know. I demand impossible standards for myself and it can’t help but follow that I will cut people cold until they… not necessarily live up to my standards, but show that they are evolving somehow, away from the herd and towards something better. To a lot of people that seems like a grudge. It certainly makes the quantity of people I choose to spend time with limited, and pack animals as humans are, they think I must be silly and stubborn to run my life that way.

    As for true grudges, I don’t think I will hold any to the death. They say vengeance eats away at the soul. Intelligence, empathy, introspection, they all eat away at my capacity for hatred. There was a girl at school who tried to make my life hell (I suffered far worse than her, so it didn’t work). Eventually I realised whatever had happened to her to make her ‘need’ to harm other people would have been worse than anything I could inflict on her. I don’t hold a grudge now. She still does, for nothing. That makes her uglier, unhappier and less evolved than me.

    Other grudges have been solved for me. A perpetrator commits suicide. I was angry that he took the easy way out, but then, what point was there me holding a grudge against my own memories? If you listen to the universe and draw the right connections, letting go becomes the only thing to do.

    Apologies for the long winded post, but I no longer think anything profound can be summed up in a soundbite.

  3. I find the real challenge is to forgive and retain your self-respect at the same time. Generally I tend to forgive, then later I have second thoughts and wonder if I should have been more assertive. But in the end you have to follow your nature and do what feels right. Besides, some people simply don’t want to be forgiven, in which case doing just that may be the best revenge of all…

  4. Mmhh… lover and fighter, at the same time. In fact, more a lover. As for fighter, I meant that when it’s something really unfair, you kind of “need” to defend yourself, but sometimes people are so petty, so low and small minded, that… is that worth?
    I don’t forget things, but what I think is that when someone does something bad to us, they are so “little”, we don’t have to fight back. They are already their worst enemies, believe me. If someone attacks you, this means a person with low self-esteem, trying to prove he/she is better. And he/she is not. That’s why the attack.
    I truly believe that when we do something bad to others or they do to us, the “universe” comes after them and does its part. I saw this many many times, so I just leave, move on, and wait for the universe… and it ALWAYS did its part, believe me.
    As for being a lover… to see me angry or not forgiving it has to be something or someone veeeeeeeery, but very nasty, because people say I’m the most patient and tolerant person they have ever seen. Probably they are right, and that led me to so many stupid things in life… but all is learning. You see? Even when I was “dragged” to stupid things, I saw them as an opportunity to learn… and there I go, stupid or curious, forgiving and tolerant, but at least I think I have a heart. And this is good then.
    I am soooooooooo happy that you are back! And I hope you are feeling great!

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