Lace Skulls & The Siouxsie Law Circle of Influence

A friend of mine asked me about 15 years ago whether she had influenced my sense of style. At that time I was a bit offended by her question.

I am an individual, I am influenced by no one

I huffed, somewhat unconvincingly.

The thing about clothing choices, of course, that these are all about the influence of others upon us. If I see something that looks great on a friend of mine, I will start to think about ways to reinterpret it and appropriate it for myself.  Since many of the people that I know are bloggers, I am now being increasingly influenced by them. Bearing in mind that many of them live outside Australia, the chances of them taking out apprehended violence orders against me for clothing stalking are lessened.

A few weeks ago Siouxsie Law posted a photograph of a sophisticated skull skirt that one of her readers had brought to her attention.

I like lace and I like optical illusions so I headed off to eBay in search of a Funnyglam Lovely Skull Lace skirt. It arrived rather quickly in a silver envelope that delighted the Minx.

FUNNYGLAM Lovely Skull Lace Skirt Black

This being Black & Red Week

I should have thought to warn Siouxsie Law that I would be blogging about the skull skirt in her honour. As she said, it would be embarassing if we both blogged at the same time while wearing it.

Vintage Red Secretary Blouse from eBay Seller tamars treasures| Black seamed stockings:Love Me Paris| Shoes: Fluevogs

I noticed that Victorian Kitty was looking for some recommendations for seamed stockings a while back. I am afraid to say that much as I would like to, I cannot recommend Love Me Paris seamed stockings.

Outwardly they have so much going for them:

Love Me Paris Stockings (3 pack)

Three stockings in one pack is a great idea particularly when this pack features a cute little red bag to carry the extra stocking around with you.

John Fluevog Matte Red & Black Hepburn D'Orsay Pump| Black Seamed Stockings by Love Me Paris

The problem is that there is not enough lycra in the nylon mix and the stockings go just a wee bit baggy while on. More frustrating is the fact that the seams worked their way in different directions up my legs like ribbons around a maypole in the early summer breeze.

I have bought some Cervin seamed stockings on sale which I have high hopes for and shall report on separately.

Meantime, if you have any tried and tested seamed stocking brands (modern) that you love, please let me know. There are plans to do a Stockings Road Test in the near future – the panel are warming up and stretching their calves in readiness as I write.

Worn for Red & Black Week & for the Shoeper Shoe Challenge #29 of 105

4 thoughts on “Lace Skulls & The Siouxsie Law Circle of Influence

  1. Hahaha. People say Jennifer Jason Leigh resembles me. Maybe it is I who am fashion stalking you. Bwahaha.

    I am completely flattered. The skirt looks fantastic on you! I love the belt with it –it really finishes the look. And of course the Fluevogs. Sorry to hear about the stockings. I have not had much luck with seamed ones.

  2. Great look! You both wore the skull lace skirt very well. 🙂

    I’m excited to hear how the Seamed Stocking Road Test turns out!! I’m still wearing the crappy Frederick’s ones around since I at least want to get my $15 worth out of them. 😦

  3. I too love lace. Laced skulls appeals to me in an amount inappropriately proportionate to state in public. White lace is my current fascination. Do keep me updated on how you vary lace colours and what you think each says about a person. White seems to imply purity, which I’m offended by.

    As for stalking, all my best girl crushes are handled in a way that won’t have police stand between me and them. This includes you. *turns on camera*

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