Red & Black Week – Lawyers & Goths

It is ridiculously easy for me to wear black clothing – I have so much of it.

Black is the colour of academic dress robes, of monks and nuns, of lawyers and goths.

Gothic lawyer and blogger friend Siouxsie Law drew my attention to the fact that gothic fashion writer Sophistique Noir is encouraging all and sundry in the darker corners of the world to dress in red and black.

Easy for me – my colour combinations are very simple.  There is not much in my wardrobe that is not black, white, red, denim or sea green.  That includes my shoe-drobe.

Julio Valdes Red 80s Suede Skirt (via eBay)| Red Frankenstein Shoes by J.Lo via eBay| Black corset seamed fishnet stockings by Jonathon Aston (layered over Pretty Polly everyday stockings)|Dead teddy bear scarf by (minimink)

Actually, there are not many skirts in my wardrobe that are not pencil skirts. There are an alarming number of leather pencil skirts now too.  Not enough to warrant me renaming this blog Law & Leather Pencil Skirts but give it time.

My goth credentials are not good but I am relying on the fact that  Sophistique Noir might consider my very valid fetishist credentials and allow me to join the red and black Hall of Fame.

Here is hoping.

Worn for Shoeper Shoe Challenge #28 of 105

9 thoughts on “Red & Black Week – Lawyers & Goths

    • Hi Victorian Kitty

      Thank you! That is a huge compliment and I shall now draw inspiration from your wonderful blog as well as Siouxsie Law. Vive le rouge et noir!

  1. Appropriate or not… you really do look sexy! Great angles in the 3rd shot! I’m really impressed that you can still coerce MrG to take such awesome photos despite his lack of love for your shoe collection… I wish i could coerce MrO to take pics of me of any sort. In fact, i wish i could coerce him to respond to repeated direct questions. his Call Of Duty addiction is getting to me.
    But i digress… i love the leather pencil skirt! And my entire wardrobe is red, black, white, denim & fuschia. Maybe i need to invest in green…

  2. Beautiful shoes – no, fantastic!, beautiful skirt, beautiful colors! They are my favorite colors: red and black. I also have lots of black clothes… but why not, they are nice!

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