More Boys in boots – Erk’s Adventures in 7 inch Platform Boots (continued)

You all remember the lovely Erk, don’t you ladies?  For those of you  who have not met Erk,  you can become better acquainted with him and with his boots here. Erk is a big fan of the band Foundry Road and lead singer eXplain’s platform boots which you might get a glimpse of in this video:

He’s been off his form for a while for the reasons explained below but the boots are now back in business

A lot has happened since my initial post about my 7 inch platform boots which has resulted in the boots being grounded for several weeks.

Not long after the original post was published, I wore the boots to see cabaret uprising star Emma Dean in Sydney’s Kings Cross.

The basement venue was a challenge, mainly walking down the stairs.

Walking up the stairs is easier.

Another recent challenge was walking in the Circular Quay area of Sydney. Walking to a gig at The Basement, what would normally be a minor down grade in my regular shoes felt like I was walking down one of San Francisco’s infamous hills in these boots. Mental note to self:

Nob Hill San Francisco. Copyright Dave Glass 2007

Don’t walk in these boots in San Francisco.

I’ve had a lot of reaction from men and women about the boots. Some people have openly laughed or shook their heads as I go past them.

Some shorter women have asked me not to stand next to them while wearing the boots. On the other hand, a taller woman who is used to being taller than many guys found it a nice change for a guy to be much taller than her. Speaking of taller, a couple of security guards at the boots’ last outing wanted to borrow them for the extra height.

Extra height has been handy for music photography. With eye level now just under 6 foot 5 and camera level closer to 6 foot 8 with an out-stretched arm, I no longer have to worry about tall people being in front of me. Now, I am one of those super tall people that some people complain about being stuck behind.

One woman who I thought would have been anti boots was my physio. A week after wearing the boots at Kings Cross in mid March, I partially tore my calf muscle. Several of my friends thought I was wearing my boots at the time while others blamed my boots for the tear.

I wish I had a really interesting story about how I tore my calf muscle, spending a week on crutches and a total of 4 weeks off work. weeks of physio (three times a week) and rest was a great help. I asked my physio if my boots were a factor and I was told that they were not.

Nor was I banned from wearing them. Common sense, however, told me not to wear them during the recovery phase.

After the injury, I was worried about wearing the boots again. I was going to wear them to a venue where they were popular but I needed to be outside. To the disappointment of one young lady, rain on the day of that gig saw me leave the boots at home.  I have become very conscious about wearing the boots to some venues. Walking long distances in the boots is not good, either.

Stone spiral staircase - Photo by Revolution Cycle - CC-BY via

A couple of weeks later, the boots appeared again, this time to a venue with a spiralling staircase. (What is it about venues in basements?) Walking on the widest part of the steps, it was strange walking in the boots again but I felt fine and wore them the entire time. The two police officers I passed while wearing the boots must have thought I was mad as they drove past me as I was walking (ok, stomping!) back to my car. As an aside, I never drive in these boots.

Thanks to Facebook, I have even had my workmates asking me to wear the boots to work. Due to safety (I am rightly very safety conscious with these boots), my workplace would frown upon them.

Very soon, I am undertaking an epic three month tour of Asia & Europe. As much as I would like to take them, the boots are too big & heavy to travel with.

So how did I tear my calf muscle?

As it turns out, I was wearing my normal workboots at my place of employment. As I had done hundreds of times before, I was walking to the train to take over driving it to the city. I heard and felt the snap of the muscle as it happened. Despite epic pain, I drove the train (on time!) to the city before seeking medical treatment.

Despite this, I love the boots! It has got me a lot of attention that

I would not normally get. And no, ladies, I am not over compensating.

Erk & Emma Dean



When Erk isn’t driving trains in Sydney, he tweets (@erkpod) and podcasts at Channel Erk 


2 thoughts on “More Boys in boots – Erk’s Adventures in 7 inch Platform Boots (continued)

  1. Love the latest boot story @Erk! You made me lol a couple of times on the train. Glad you’re back in your boots & the calf injury has healed. I vote you wear them to work too 😉

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