Your face will stick like that

Rather ancient Prada Pumps from around 1998 or thereabouts

Nothing went particularly well today – not in a disastrous way but in small piece of lamb roast caught in your molars way. That happens of course but it is irksome.  Here I am  sitting on the step getting my Friday night frock captured for posterity with my face a bit like fizz as my Gran would say.

Shoes: Prada| Silk Dress: Ice via| black polo neck from thrift| Stockings x 2 - Pretty Polly opaques under Vixen Liz Wide Lace Fishnet Hold Ups via

What transpired prior to the photo being taken in order to put this look on my face?

It was not the dress although the dress was wrong in an offcentre not quite right sort of way – it is a midi length with the waist  in a troublesome place. Putting a belt around my waist did not help. Since my answer to any outfit ills is to put on a wide belt (or bung on a waist cincher corset) this annoyed me.

Then there were the stockings.  The stockings looked pretty darned good on the packet:

Vixen Liz Wide Lace Fishnet Hold Ups

Once I put the stockings on, however, it became immediately apparent that these were not wide lace fishnets at all but their elder and breezier big cousin – wide lace whale nets.

It has been a wee bit chilly in Sydney. Far too chilly for big spaces in ones stockings.  I decided in a Scottish granny moment that I was going to layer my whalenets over another plain pair of stockings to keep warm. In retrospect layering black on black was a bad idea.

Next time, the underlayer should be something a bit more interesting – purple maybe, or pink

Jonathon Aston Stockings Image from

The lack of waist on the dress and the stocking experimentation failure bothered me but neither of these things were the reason for the lemon sucking face that you see above.

That was caused by one simple statement followed by an even more simple question.

I am over your shoes

said my husband.

I really fail to see why you have to have so many

he continued.

I could not think of a smart response and so I said nothing. I just glared.

Is there an answer to the question – why do you have to have so many pairs of shoes?

Worn for : Frocking Friday the Twentieth

Shoeper Shoe Challenge 27 0f 105


8 thoughts on “Your face will stick like that

  1. I love the stockings and would love to buy a pair!
    As for that question… I think what you did was right. No answer. They don’t understand anyway! Simple like this.
    What I normally say:
    1) I don’t ask you money to buy my shoes, so, calm down! (You still have money for the “cheapest items” – like your car). This is an irony, of course, because I always compare what men buy – cars, for example, to show off – to… shoes??????? They feel entitled to complain about shoes? OK, I know I have a lot of shoes, but altogether won’t buy a… Rolls Royce!
    2) People always like to have an elegant partner, men or women, to admire, but without any cost. That was only possible during the stone age.
    3) Life is too short, I want to live the way I like, shoes are my passion, we will all die, let me enjoy my passion now.

    Yeah, all a bit too predictable, but anyway, shoe-passion and the amount of shoes one has must be a taboo theme between partners!!! 🙂

  2. What kind of question is that to ask a woman! How about “Why you have so many computer games” or “why you always all over you car” or “why soccer match again??” (the last is applicable to myself though). A woman NEEDS a lot of shoes. And dresses. Or jeans. Or stockings. Whatever..
    I hope you find the way to wear this dress to your liking, because the color is just so beautiful on you!

  3. Oh my gosh…so it isn’t just me then? My hubs appears to have developed a serious hatred for all things shoe like…..really rather venomous, in fact, my “shoes a day” on my FB page was increasing his levels of animosity towards the shoes so I had to stop.

    So now I’ve taken to sneaking in shoes…..which makes it difficult to wear them. My trouble is, as I read so many blogs where people have 70+ or even 100+ pairs, my 54…no wait…55 doesn’t seem so many…but to the uninitiated I suppose it could be seen as a few more than necessary.

    Your reason for having so many shoes? Because your public demands it. (At least you blog about yours….I don’t even have that!! LOL!)

  4. My answer: Because I can and I want to and I enjoy it! Why should anybody be able to complain about how we spend our money? As long as you use them, I think there’s nothing wrong with having many shoes (or whatever other item). On other answers I can only agree with Denise and Tali 🙂

  5. Megan, I have recently bought a similar pair of hose in hot pink. Wearing them with plain black is a good idea but I need to buy some plain black then. How lacking am I, if I have no plain black stockings? A lot of my winter clothes are “down south” and that’s not as rude as it sounds.

    As for the question “that man you married” asked, there is one response: Buy more shoes. One day he will understand or concede.

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