Half a Navasana – Frocking Friday the 19th, Shoeper Shoe Challenge #26 of 105

Amanda Starr Purple Snakeskin Boots

These boots were last worn here.

So this weekend I am teaching yoga theory for the first time. That’s scary. Have you ever heard a Scottish person pronounce:

योगस्थ: कुरु कर्माणि सङ्गं त्यक्त्वा धनंजय ।
सिद्ध्यसिद्ध्यो: समो भूत्वा समत्वं योग उच्यते ।।

No, nor have I.


However, tonight I am ready for the challenge not least because I had a couple of glasses of wine with my fellow Tiaki instructors tonight.

Followed by a glass of bubbles with my good friend Carol Duncan who is down to speak at TedxSydney

Then home for some freshly made hot chips and sausages at home, after which I was ready for a bit of impromptu Navasana.  Or half a Navasana.

Dress by Wish http://www.wish.com.au| Opaque Tights from the supermarket| Purple boots from Amanda Starr| Slightly pissed grin (see aforesaid)| Persistent air conditioning unit has to go

Would half a boat pose be a dinghy pose?

6 thoughts on “Half a Navasana – Frocking Friday the 19th, Shoeper Shoe Challenge #26 of 105

  1. Woooow, amazing boots! I have some slightly similar, but as I said, sliiightly… yours are simply amazing, I am in love with them! I bet you had a great time, and how was the yoga lesson? I bet it was fantastic!

  2. The yoga teaching is this weekend Denise – I am off to practice my sanskrit pronunciation quietly while sober. Watch this space.

    You are saving so many shoes – I am really impressed but a bit sad too because I know that the Challenge will be on hold for a bit for you.

    You’ll just have to buy more shoes 😉

    • Ah! I’m eager to read about the yoga class, I wish you a great time then! (I’m sure you’ll have!)
      I toooootally agree with you on buying new shoes! 🙂 Guess what I was doing this morning? (At 7 AM!) Looking for shoes on UK sites, hahaha! (Free shipping!) I found maaaaaany! While Amber is away, I won’t save any new pair, I decided – at least, I won’t send the links. It will help me to save many pairs when she’s back – I know she said we should send the link, but I really like the way they gather the pictures we send! And as I plan to stay in the UK for quite a while, I’ll pay for extra kilos to the air company, so that I can take at least 20 pairs with me – and some are already on my list to buy as soon as I land! 🙂
      Getting to know you was such an enrichment to my days, believe me! (I’m sincere!)
      Have a beautiful weekend!

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