If you loathe leopard print…. look away

Frocking Friday the 18th, Shoeper Shoe Challenge #25 of 105

Regular readers will not be surprised to see me wearing yet another animal print item this week.

First there were the controversial leopard print heels:

Leopard Print Peep Toe Stilettos

Then there was the Bang strappy leopard print dress

Followed by the leopard print silk Amanda Starr shoes:

Amanda Starr Silk Leopard Print Heels with Black Leather Rose

And now the elder and slightly more sedate and sensible corporate* leopard print dress. I bought it on the same day as I bought the strappy leopard dress above. When I brought them back to the office everyone rolled their eyes.  I tried to explain that the dresses were $10 each but by that time the vigorous head shaking had commenced.

Leopard Print Dress: Bang by Messina || Faux Pony/Snake Skin Stilettos by Michael Antonio shoes http://www.michaelantonio.com/

I am becoming a bit of a caricature of myself particularly as the shoes are reaching ridiculously pointy points. These were the shoes that I tried on with the Bowie Wong suit that didn’t make it to Melbourne last week.


Michael Antonio Faux Pony & Snakeskin Stilettos|| Fully Fashioned Seamed Stockings by eBay Seller ‘leglines’

Are there any other serial leopard print offenders out there? Let me know who you are. If we stick together we can hide each other from the fashion police.

*My views on corporate apparel are entirely my own and shared by very few other people on the planet. 

10 thoughts on “If you loathe leopard print…. look away

  1. I adore leopard print, but I know there’s a fine line between hepcat and hooker…I think you’re clearly on the hepcat side of the divide. (I do hope that was where you wanted to be).
    I’m not totally sold on the Amanda Starrs, but the peeptoes are ferosh.
    I’d like to share my secret: leopard print knickers elude detection by all but the most _thorough_ fashion fascists…

    • Have you seen the Lingerie Addict’s blog Cathie? She is a proponent of all things leopard in lingerie. I am all for it in a Dianne Arbus retro irony way. Who am I kidding? I just love kitsch

  2. I liked very much the first pair of shoes and the dresses! I wore yesterday a pair of animal print shoes, not exactly leopard, but still animal print… and right now I’m looking at a bag that I myself designed and it’s leopard print, thinking if I pack it to the UK or put it in a box… I guess now that I read your post I will take it with me to the UK!

    • Bags are so much easier to pack than shoes. Oh hang on, I missed this bit:

      “I wore yesterday a pair of animal print shoes”

      Have these made their way into the Shoe Challenge posts yet?

      • Yes, they did!!!! I had a busy week, saved 7 pairs of shoes (that didn’t belong to the “shelves”… the “shelves’ ones” are all inside boxes now… and I didn’t wear any of them to the Challenge…:( one day I will see them again!), and as soon as I wear a pair of shoes I post it! But the bag I have in mind will take so much space… anyway, I will try my best, of course!

  3. I wear leopard print and ensure there is no other sign of skank around. One naughty piece of clothing (breaking style rules) means everything else must be serious.

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