Melbourne Shoe Decision – The Chosen

It was a hard decision and yet it was an easy one.

I was looking for shoes to match this dress:

E.C.I New York Black Cream Silk Shift Dress (photo copyright eBay seller 'kittylip')

When in doubt and giving a legal presentation – go the conservative route with plain black patent leather stilettos. Women in the military are allowed to wear patent leather shoes although the maximum height allowed is 2.5 inches.

I knew that some of the audience would be struggling with my accent.  Wearing a pair of bright red or even black and white shoes might have been a mistake. Red is seen to be a challenging colour. Orange might have been interesting but as yet I only have one pair of orange shoes and those are really hard for me to wear.

These shoes are a design called Canal created by shoe designer Olivia Morris for Faith Shoes in 2008.

Olivia Morris for Faith - 'Canal' Patent Leather Stilettos

Faith Shoes are quite hard to come by these days although you can pick them up fairly easily on eBay UK and via Debenhams Online.  I missed out on a pair of identical red leather Canal stilettos on eBay a week after I got the black ones. Last week I lost out on an auction for a pink hessian and red patent leather pair of peep toes and have been pining for them ever since.

Pink & Red Peep Toes Olivia Morris for Faith

Olivia Morris is on maternity leave for the foreseeable future.  If you see any of her shoes for Faith on eBay, snap em up, they are well made and worth the money.

If you see a pair of these:

Olivia Morris 'Ginny' Rafia & Patent Leather Buckle Shoes Spring/Summer 2009 Collection via Shoeperwoman's Blog

or these

Olivia Morris 'Clover' Image Copyright Olivia Morris 2007

or these

Olivia Morris 'Daria' Two Tone Shoes, Autumn/Winter 2007 Collection (Image Copyright Olivia Morris 2007)

from her main ‘Olivia Morris’ line in my size and buy them, just don’t gloat – okay?

Have you had a Big Do shoe decision to make recently? What did you wear, which shoes did you choose and what influenced your decision?

6 thoughts on “Melbourne Shoe Decision – The Chosen

  1. I loved your patent leather shoes, they have hearts!!! And the pink and red peep toes too! I hope you find and get every pair of shoes you want! The dress is very beautiful! Well, no big decisions now, other than what to put in boxes and what to put in the suitcase – I can’t put many pairs in “the” suitcase, unfortunately. This is my biggest decision this month. Buying has to wait for 2 weeks, more or less, when I go to the UK. Right now, if I buy another pair being where I still am, it means going to a box with the other sweeties. I don’t want this; some people may call me ridiculous, but it makes me sad knowing my shoes are in boxes and I will only see them again around November… 😦

  2. Rats… I had put my money (morally speaking) on the black-and-white courts which were at the back of the circle. Good call not to go for the 6″ heels that were at left foreground imo. After all you’d probably prefer people to listen to at least a little of what you have to say.

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