On Bubble Filling and Scottishness (generally speaking) – Frocking Friday the Seventeenth, Shoe Challenge #24 of 105

Yes I am.

I really, really am Scottish.  Sometimes I wear kilts, sometime I even talk pure dead Scottish.

When prompted to, I will also talk about shoes too.

About two weeks ago I was having A Horrible Day.  The kind of day that feels like wading through sewage to find your bus fare home.  About quarter to three on Sewage Day, I see a tweet from my journalista friend, fellow stocking enthusiast and soon to be high heel convert Carol Duncan.  ABC Newcastle wanted someone legal to talk about this case:

High Heels Tripper Compensation Case

This is what I said.

One of my friend pointed out that the presenter, the lovely Paul Bevan was having significant problems understanding me for most of the interview. Notwithstanding, I had a lot of fun. It was almost as much as being laced into a Puimond corset at Christmas time while drinking champagne with Baby Likes to Pony owner Meg Whaite.  Bubbles and lack of oxygen caused by tight lacing have a euphoria inducing effect on one.

Other things that cheer me up enormously (other than shoe shopping, confusing people with my accent and being laced into corsets) are:

1.    The first coffee of the day.

I only ever have one coffee so it has to be strong and vibrant.  I really like the cup of coffee that I get from Crown Chickens in Hurstville, in Ormonde next to the station between 8 and about 10 am when the owner makes it herself.  I have no idea what she does to it and it might not be to everyone’s taste, but her coffee makes me really happy.

2.   Red Shiny Shoes

There is no shoe ever designed that is not improved in appearance by being crafted in red patent leather.

3.    Silk Dresses

I really can’t get enough of these.  It is much easier to get away with wearing silk dresses than linen or wool dresses, creases don’t look quite so bad on a peachy soft surface.

4.   Daily Exercise

If I do not exercise, I get cranky. If I exercise and I get that fatigued ‘can’t get off the couch without assistance‘ feeling I am happy.

On Frocking Friday the Seventeenth I met up with the lady who makes sure that every time I exercise, I feel happy.  She also makes me do silly things in photos and introduced me to the concept of filling my bubble, doing something every day that makes me happy. This in turn makes her happy.

Me & @tiakipilates

4.     Getting a kiss from my kids without having to ask for one

Speaks for itself really. The words “I love you mum” are mostly followed by “can I have?

Shoes are really so much easier than people.


Silk Dress:     Lulu & Red Boutique

Shoes:           Red Patent Leather Mary Janes – Bronx by Djikmans via Schuh

Stockings:    Pretty Polly opaques

What can cheer you up even when you are at your lowest? Who/what fills your bubble?

7 thoughts on “On Bubble Filling and Scottishness (generally speaking) – Frocking Friday the Seventeenth, Shoe Challenge #24 of 105

  1. Another great blog. Thanks for sharing some more aspects of you and your life. You are a very upbeat person.

    Not sure I agree about that court ruling. It seems to me the law is expecting us to make the world a completely safe place where we no longer have to take responsibility for our OWN actions. Like the guy that dived into shallow water and sued the council and won.

    What if that woman had been walking in the dark along a suburban footpath and the same thing happened? ALL footpaths have imperfections, small and large, plus pit covers etc. I stubbed my toe badly (possible fracture) while on a boat last week. Litigation was and is the last thing on my mind. Pain was. It was my fault, because what I hit was a necessary part of the boat’s design and I should have looked where I was going and worn approp footwear.

  2. Your nice posts fill my bubble, as well as other nice blogs, looking at shoes, “dreaming” of new possibilities in life, drawing, meeting friends…
    I looooved your red Mary Janes, because I also love red patent leather shoes, especially Mary Janes! Red is my favorite color, by the way, I always write this on my blog!
    By the way, I cited you again today, there! I’m very busy at the moment, moving – and, mmmhhh, guess who will soon visit your country? (Not Australia, not yet…) Can’t wait to go back to Scotland again!

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