Stockings, shoes or pyjamas: Shoeper Shoe Challenge #24 of 106 Shoe

Atmosphere at PRIMARK black sequin platform pumps

Until about 10.00 am this morning there was a salted peanut in our crockery cupboard.

This salted peanut had been there for at least 4 months. I noticed it and decided that I would see how long it would take someone, other than me, to notice it and chuck it out. By someone I mean my husband as he is the only one at eye height to see the offending peanut.

Today was Mother’s Day in Australia.  I miss my mother on Mother’s Day for a lot of reasons including but not limited to the fact that  she, like me, would have noticed that peanut 4 months ago and either eaten it or chucked it out.

My husband until reading this blog post was probably completely unaware that the peanut existed.

The most important thing about raising children, I have discovered, is training other human beings to notice stuff that bugs you and do something about it.

Not that they get it right away as I have noticed with the Minx. Being a shoe obsessive, I am over the moon that my daughter is as excited about my eBay boot purchases as I am even if she wears them before I do.  What does not thrill me is that she plays houses with her teddies in my shoe boxes despite me explaining how much I like pristine shoe boxes. I am odd that way.

The Minx wears 80s Wild Pair Stacked Heel boots

Household mess is the same. Looking at the photo above gives me gut pains. I can see shoes on the floor, clothes on the table and papers everywhere. Most of the time I can ignore it but now and again and usually when I am premenstrual I find myself screaming:

This house is a mess, a disaster area, a tip, a MIDDEN”

to which my husband replies

There is nothing wrong with this house“.

The longer I am married the more I realise that men and women see things differently. Household clutter is just the tip of the iceberg of different-ness.

Mother’s Day gifts are another.  I would be very happy with Mothers Day gifts that incorporate:

1.     shoes

2.    stockings

3.    nice knickers.

My husband thinks that:

(a)   I have too many shoes as it is; and

(b)  it would be inappropriate for my children to buy me stockings or lingerie.

I got pyjamas. Very nice pyjamas indeed but that is not what I asked for.

Bearing in mind that my children are stuck living with me for another 10 to 15 years yet, I have time to indoctrinate them on Mothers Day gifts and how I like the house to be kept.

Wish me luck.

Are you a mother? What would your perfect gift be? Are you a child? What odd things does your mother insist on round the house that you have taken on board for yourself?

16 thoughts on “Stockings, shoes or pyjamas: Shoeper Shoe Challenge #24 of 106 Shoe

  1. As a mother, your mother, in fact, I can vouch for your experience that it takes a long time to inculcate certain behaviours in your children. The tidiness/cleanliness thing is a good example. It seems to have taken having children of your own to get to the point of infuriation you used to bemoan me about.

    Funnily enough, now that I have grandchildren, I can tolerate their messes more than the ones my own children produced–up to a point. At the end of the day, or the end of the visit, I like to return things to the state in which I like them.

    I was just happy that my children remembered Mother’s Day; I liked the cards and them being extra nice to me. As far as gifts go, I always was happy with a book.

    • But now I know that you know and you know that I know how to clean up round each other.

      I think that I forgot Northern Hemisphere Mothers Day again didn’t I?

  2. Happy MILF Day!

    As for my Mumsy, I got her an office chair since she’s doing a terrible job at being retired.

    Other options that the hubby may not negate are expensive perfume, expensive lipstick and expensive .

    As I have no children, my shoes take that role. They give me ever lasting joy and happiness but no gifts. *sigh*

  3. After living in the same house as 7 men (yes I know, madness) it was painfully obvious to the other female and I that men and women tend to have very different observed mess levels. Despite the previous years of observations and arguments I’ve found that some women can be as oblivious to mess as those men, and I’ve managed to find a man who has similar mess tolerances to myself. Whether he turns out to be my husband one day is not for me to know yet.

    As for habits I’ve picked up from my mother, I suspect my need for the stove to be clean after cooking has finished, lights in empty rooms to be turned off and my instinctual knocking before opening a closed door are the products of years of training on her behalf. I thank her for them, some of my best traits I’ve noticed are consistent among my family members.

    • Seven men!!!!? Did you have separate bathrooms? No offence but 7 men missing the toilet pan. Urrgh.

      Stove cleaning after cooking – excellent. Grease doesn’t get baked on.

      Knocking doors is very good manners. I knock on the doors to my children’s rooms before I go in. Always have done.

  4. Two habits from my mother (off the top of my head, some of these habits are ingrained so deep I’m probably not aware of most of them), only one of which I still keep:
    – Keeping things fairly minimal so that they’re easier to clean. No ‘decorative clutter’ (souvenirs, firgurines etc), furniture with plain surfaces and all the furniture raised on legs so that it’s easy to get underneath.
    – Cleaning day is Saturday. This one I only stopped doing about 18 months ago in favour of a ‘daily maintenance’ method instead.

    And from my grandmother, even though we only saw her once a year and even though at the time it was an annoying as hell, her habit of being two steps behind me whenever I was cleaning anything and constatly pointing out “You missed a spot” no doubt does have a lot to do with how much I clean and how much I am able to ‘See’ mess and dirt.

    • Decorative clutter = eedby bits, gee gaws, china thingies, dried flowers and pot pourri. I totally agree with your mum Cristina. Horrible stuff.

      Daily maintenance is the only way not to go completely insane. Wiping down the bath/shower after use particularly in Australia. Particularly particularly when one has grubby small people in the house.

      The seeing of dirt/mess is about perspective isn’t it? My friend who has a cleaning business does the same, leaves a room for 5 minutes after she’s cleaned it and then goes back to see it as if she was a visitor.

  5. I loooved your shoes, really! If I just could, I would buy them now!!!! I loved your post as well, and all the pics – the Minx with your boots (sweeeeet!) and then you with your beautiful children!
    Well, I hope you had a nice Mother’s day! This was the first Mother’s day in my life without her – sorry for mentioning it. And I miss her very much…
    Well, I always said to people in general that presents for me are simple, but they have to be necklaces, rings, scarves, for example. And I was heard!
    I hope you are OK and this was really such a nice post!

    • I am sorry to hear that your mum is no longer with you Denise. Knowing you as I do, she must have been a lot of fun.

      Someone once said that people live on as long as others remember them. Have you blogged about your mum? Did she have wonderful shoes too?

      I really enjoy reading your posts and your comments.

  6. Haven’t had a look here for quite a while, and what do I find? Shoes, still shoes…but then I noticed something that I could relate to…

    Mess? well if you look at it long enough, you get used to it, it becomes invisible. Of course this doesn’t work if you’re living with a woman, so you obviously have to make a decision…

    PS why have your children got no shoes?

  7. I smiled when I read your words about liking pristine shoe boxes – me too. Imagine my angst when I discovered that my daughter had taken my new Fluevog shoe box and was using it to make a beach diorama – complete with painted waves and glued on sand….Great idea, but I wish she had used some other box! Argh! Happy (belated) mother’s day 🙂

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