Three Seasons in Three Weeks

For those of you who have never visited Sydney in  Australia – the transeasonal weather is weird. You can go from hot desert winds to Antarctic chill extremely quickly.  Despite the fact that it is terribly British to fetishise the weather I cannot help myself. I found out this week that there is an iPhone App that will choose your outfit for the day based on your wardrobe contents and the likely outside ambient temperature.

Of course that is nowhere near as much fun as being ambushed by three different seasons in three weeks.

SEASON 1 – SUMMER – Frocking Friday the Sixteenth – Shoeper Shoe Challenge #21 of 105 – 22 April 2011 

On Good Friday 22 April 2011 in the afternoon we decided at some point to try to find a place to buy food from that was open and from there to go to the beach.

Being Friday, I was frocked up. Shorts have never been for me.

Dress: Body & Soul Clothing, Bali via eBay| Bikini, Bond Eye Australia| Sandals from Ravel

The children were very keen to have ice cream for lunch. I was in need of a coffee. As it turned out there were only two shops open – one BBQ chicken place and a fish & chip shop. We all ended up eating what my dad calls as Scottish soul food.

Chips from Ramsgate Beach Seafood

“Chips are very healthy” he told my children at Christmas time “potatoes are extremely good for you”. Gee thanks Dad, I think every time my children go past a chippy and starting nudzhing me for ‘health food’.

SEASON 2 – AUTUMN: Frocking Friday the Seventeenth – Shoeper Shoe Challenge #22 of 105 – Friday 29 April 2011

Patent Leather Prada Peep Toes with Autumn Leaves| vintage fully fashioned seamed stockings from eBay Seller 'leglines'

I wore these patent Prada pumps in Autumnal colours to meet two lawyer Twitter friends last Friday.

Me, Lawrence Atkinson and Neil Watt

One is Scottish but talks like an Australian and has as big an obsession with vintage coats and fedoras as I have with shoes and stockings. The other is Australian but talks like a Shakespearean actor.

Neil Watt (far right) was born in Scotland, moved to Brisbane as a bairn and is a self-confessed proponent of truth and light and all that is good in the legal profession – an ethicist. As you might imagine he’s about as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit. This is odd because for me ethics are equivalent to professional etiquette and manners. In a world where we rant first and repent at leisure however folk like Neil are a dying breed.

I’ve been on at Neil for ages to blog about his hats, his shirts and his ties.  He catalogues them but he won’t share his stories.  This is a shame because he shared a huge secret about Andrew Barton aka Banjo Paterson  – the man in the homburg hat with the customised rim on the Australian ten dollar bill.

Please join with me in cordially requesting that Neil share more of his hat hints with us.

Lawrence Atkinson is truly multi-talented. He recruits specialist lawyers for special projects, writes and has his own community radio station show Stress Free Saturday Afternoon in Sydney on Saturday afternoons. If you are a musician or street performer and would like some time to showcase your talent, follow him on Twitter and @reply him for a follow.

Silk Dress by Trini Turk via eBay| Autumn Colour Shoes by Prada| Seamed stockings by Leglines

Prada Autumn Leaves Peep Toe Pumps

SEASON 3 – WINTER: Shoeper Shoe Challenge #23 of 105 – Tuesday 3 May 2011 – Winter

It’s snowing” said the Minx this morning grabbing a brolly from the front porch. Not that she or my son would know what real snow looks like or feels like. It wasn’t snowing nor was it raining and yet there was a bite in the air, a little chomp of chill air around my cheekbones that suggested that somewhere in or very near Australia the snow has fallen.

It was cold enough to wear a scarf as well as my winter coat. I forgot the scarf but remembered to wear penguin shoes.

As we were on the way to school, my son insisted that I talk to the stone cat.

I must have done this to him countless times as a toddler. Talking to immobile stone cats is surprisingly soothing.

It was really quite chilly for a Sydney day and yet the last of the summer cockroaches ambled out of the garage and up the hallway in an insouciant manner last night. Only in the depths of winter will I suddenly realise that I’ve stopped anticipating his friends and relations scuttling across my feet when I take the washing in at night.

Did I mention that I love cold weather?

Black and White Platforms - Zoe Wittner via eBay.

8 thoughts on “Three Seasons in Three Weeks

  1. As always, a nice blog.

    Very sad for the world that ethicists are a dying breed. The corporate world seems increasingly to be an excuse for people to behave badly, so long live the proponents for ethical behaviour.

    (message by Dell. Caffeine by Nescafe as it is 6AM)

  2. I loved the outfits!!! The beach, the pictures, the friends, the whole story! I wrote under your photos for the Challenge that my favorite pair of shoes you wore up to now were (are!) the Prada ones, and then I changed my mind in favor of the black and white ones… ah, I liked both very much!

  3. THe weather in Melbourne has definitely turned cooler, no more sleeveless frocks till November! Thanks for your great posts, and for encouraging Neil. We need more accessories, whether they are hats, stockings or other accutrements!

  4. Those Prada shoes are gorgeous! I love the interesting heel and they go really well with the dress. It’s great you always write an interesting story to go along with the shoe challenge pictures.

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