Persistence & the Self-Portrait: Shoeper Challenge #20 of 105

For the last two years I have been talking other people into taking pictures of my shoes for me.  My husband, my work colleagues, my children.  I am sure that they are all pretty fed up with it by now. I would be and so have been experimenting over the last week or so with taking pictures of myself.  I did this in the office after work hours basically so no one else would observe my narcissistic antics and laugh at me more than I was laughing at myself.

I had to find something to sit the camera on (the Victorian window sill) and then had to figure out how the timer on the camera worked. Since I have no manual for my camera (the Minx has hidden it somewhere) and even fewer technical problem solving skills this took a ridiculously long time.

Once I figured the timer and the flash out, the next step was taking photographs that included both my shoes and what I was wearing – Shoeperwoman’s Shoe Challenge rules are very clear in this regard and we lawyers like rules.

Ten seconds on a camera timer seems like a long time until you have to leap onto a desk and assume a position that includes your shoes and excludes a view of your knickers.

After acquiring some self-inflicted heel punctures and a few desk related thigh bruises I managed to get two passable shots out of about twenty photographs taken.

You can see the relief can’t you?

Not a great effort but at least you can see the shoes.

Over the last few weeks, I have been observing how other shoe bloggers in the Shoe Challenge meet the challenge of self portraiture. My personal favourites (in no particular order are):

1. MSVEVE K. who takes some crazy point of view shots of herself and Dracul her pet pig. Her portraits taken by third parties are a lot of fun too

2.  DENISE’S PLANET, CODES AND SECRETS  Denise has the most hilarious, animated, character-full photos on her blog. To me, her self-portraits have the quality of photo-novel romances that I used to read in magazines like the Jackie in the late seventies/early eighties.

Disclaimer: This photonovel did not appear in the Jackie Magazine.

3.  FETISHIST’S NOTES: Tali tells me that she sometimes balances her camera on the bonnet of her car. All her shoe and fashion photos are terrific whether self portraits or otherwise.

Via Spiga Sandals

Via Spiga Sandals last worn for Day 59 of the Shoe Challenge – My Powder Blue Tribute to Mrs Slocombe’s Pussy.

To see what the rest of the Shoe Challengettes wore this week click here.

If you have any tips/tricks/suggestions for self-portraits for blogs, please let me know.

13 thoughts on “Persistence & the Self-Portrait: Shoeper Challenge #20 of 105

  1. W-o-w! I feel so honored! (American English, although having lived in the UK for some years… so my spelling is color, honor… instead of colour and honour, 🙂
    Really, I feel very honored for being mentioned here, a blog and a woman I admire, for many reasons – and you know what??? I looooved the comparison! And the photo-novel pics!!!!(Can you believe I have “Cleopatra” self-portraits? I have the black wig, for Halloween! So, your comparison was perfect – or, I’d rather say intuition!)
    Thank you for the compliments! Well, I had the same problem before: always asking people to take pics of me, at the point that some got annoyed or made fun of it! So, when The Shoe Challenge started, I knew I had to do something – and, just like you, no manual, I had to learn by “attempt-error-then OK!” As I told you before, 10 sec, I’m getting very “professional” – luckily I’m photogenic and normally I only have to take 2, 3 pics (now sometimes even just 1 !) – walk in front of the cam and “whatever comes, comes!”
    I do enjoy doing that, only that, -as I told you -, posing in the middle of Oxford Street in London, with people watching… was interesting – but a bit embarrassing! Funny, anyway!
    But sometimes, depending where I am, I still ask friends to photograph me – sometimes it’s not possible to place the camera on bricks, windows, cars, trash bins, post office boxes… 🙂 !
    I loved your self-portraits, I really did! And your sandals as well – I looove that blue shade! And you know you have perfect legs and perfect feet!
    So, welcome to the “club” of portrait!
    And again, thanks for the compliments!

  2. Sorry, I have to leave one more comment, because, as I told you one of these days, always when I take a picture now I think: “what will Caveat think?” I told you, how interesting it is, the way people influence each other’s life!
    After I read what you wrote about “photo-novel”, I’m laughing – out loud! Well, I had to check my pics again and you are soooo right (and laughed when looking at myself!) Check the newest pics in France and Belgium, and the ones before and after my Master’s!!! They do look as from a 70’s novel (I just figured it out after reading your post!!!!)

    • This could become a new shoe project for you – you have heroine hair Denise – long, shiny & Rapunzel like. I am pretty sure that you would even find some non-jaded volunteers to take the pictures too.

      • It’s done! When I read your post yesterday, and having realized you were so right about my pics (and I have never thought of that comparison before, loved it!) I immediately decided to create a photo-novel! So, I posted it as a slide-show today, quoting you and your blog a looot of times! Really, after so many weeks nervous, studying, it’s not a lie – you made my day yesterday! Thanks!

    • See this is the value of social media – expert advice on tap. Thanks for the tripod suggestion Kristen & John – funnily enough I hadn’t thought of that. You’ll not be surprised of course.

  3. Remote trigger is a great thing, assuming of course that one is available for your camera. Although mine died shortly after I got it and required serious open-box surgery to get it going again. Avoids all the acrobatics.

    • I am so crap at being girlie Erin even though when I saw the photos I thought exactly the same thing. MrC HATES my feet, loathes them so the last time I had nail polish on my toes was ages ago. Am thinking of recruiting the Minx and the seven year old to paint flowers on mine.

      Mules annoy me and yet I persist in wearing them. I think that that is because one can slip them on and off easily.

      Loved the mega-blogging going on over at your place especially the NY shopping expedish.

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