Black Patent Leather and the Darth Side: Frocking Friday the Fifteenth, Shoeper Challenge #18 of 105

Traditional UK Academic Dress - image eBay UK Store Garbo Antiques

Today as I was lecturing again I thought that would wear something reminiscent of the academic gowns that my teachers and lecturers used to wear in Scotland. I have a Akira Isogawa dress that I bought from his design studio when it was on the same floor as our law firm’s office. Those were tempting times. Sadly and luckily Akira moved his studio from Surry Hills to Marrickville before I could buy too much more from him.

It is a black silk tent dress:

Akira Black Silk Tent Dress

with slices of butterscotch silk satin slip shining through underneath

and lots of embroidery down the sleeves.

Akira Isogawa - Embroidery Details

The dress is a sample. Apparently Akira tried it on one of the studio assistants who was very busty, hated the way that it hung on her (like a maternity dress) and decided not to put it into production.  It looks a lot like an academic gown. A good friend of mine walked straight past me in it, not recognising me without a waist. This leads me to think that it really needs a chunky chain belt (which I don’t have):

or a gold silk rope belt like this one by

Gold Silk Tassle Rope Belt by

Since it was also Black Patent Leather Shoe Day (apparently) and since all my other black patent leather heels have committed suicide, I wore these.

Christian Louboutin Miss Fred Tacco Patent Leather Shoe Boots

Not a particularly elegant match, but quite school-teacher-y and appropriate since we’d been talking in class the previous week about Christian Louboutin’s court battle against YSL and Brazilian shoe maker Carmen Steffens for trade mark infringment in the Case of the Red Soled Shoes. With registered trade marks comes power.

Christian Louboutin Sticks the Boot into YSL - The Australian 8 April 2011

One of the (male) students up the back reeled off  the history of red soled shoes and Christian Louboutins with such passion last week that I thought I would wear mine to show shoe solidarity.

While I agree wholeheartedly that Louboutin has to take a stand against other top end designers passing off their shoes as his, I am a bit sad.  It will only be a matter of time until the Gianmarco Lorenzis boots that I lust after (from 2006) have the red sole stripped from under them. Having missed out on a pair in a recent eBay Australia auction, I shall be redoubling efforts to buy a pair forthwith.

The lecture went well. (We’ve been asked back to teach Digital Media Law next year).

When I got home my husband greeted me with resounding “All Hail Darth Vadar“.

You may have gathered by now that my husband is rather pass remarkable particularly on Frocking Fridays.

I have been compared to an Italian Street sign and Radar O’Reilly

It is always unwise of me to lower my defences.

Luckily I have a helmet.

8 thoughts on “Black Patent Leather and the Darth Side: Frocking Friday the Fifteenth, Shoeper Challenge #18 of 105

  1. It’s interesting that a woman would spend so much on her boots that she can’t afford clothes. (See picture above). The poor thing! regards regards ern_malleyscrub twitterererer

  2. You look like you’re about to cast a spell! Hehe
    The gold edging is cool… And I plan to buy black nail polish tomorrow to “fix” some of my patent leather shoes… Think it’ll work?

    • If only I could cast spells… probably best to get all these black dresses out of the way at some advanced stage in the winter. Maybe some colour for the next few weeks won’t go amiss.

  3. I am sorry to have to point out a dodgy legal issue with this post to your regular readers.

    Ladies and gentlemen following Caveat Calcei, the blogger has offered up a ‘Darth Tater’ (as in Mr Potato Head) helmet in close-up in lieu of a bona fide, properly sized Darth Vader helmet. While this is a creative and effectively humourous way to end the blog it should be pointed out that the New South Wales Criminal Code states that it is illegal to misrepresent the size of your helmet.

    A summons is in the post.

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