Anonymous Italian Boots and Buns (Part 1) – Shoeper Challenge #17 of 105

Most sensible bloggers headed off towards their Bank Holidays weekends yesterday with their computers switched off and their trapezius muscles following shortly thereafter.

Unfortunately, I have about two weeks of blogging to catch up on and footwear to save so expect to hear more from me this weekend.

Last week I didn’t write or sleep very much at all due to presentations and lectures and so on. When I did write it was entirely work related. When I slept it was fitfully and full of powerpoint presentation images.

This week my husband tidied up our hard drive at home while I was at work to try to make the Internet go faster. In doing so he deleted a large number of the boot and shoe photos that we had taken during the fortnight that I was not blogging. The internet remained slow because we’d reached our monthly download limit. Now I was also missing some good photos for the blog.

Last weekend I decided, therefore, to bake hot cross buns and reshoot my boot photos from midweek.

There were two Easter traditions in our house when I still lived with my parents – compulsory consumption of Cadbury’s Creme Eggs with morning tea and compulsory consumption of hot cross buns for afternoon tea. To burn off the extra calories so consumed these days I’d have to do triathlon training. Being lazy, I just don’t consume these things. Also, eating milk chocolate made in these parts for some strange reason makes my teeth ache which helps my willpower in relation to Creme Eggs  no end.

There is nothing more delicious, however, than a hot, hot cross bun and last week I had a craving and most of what I needed to make the buns in the cupboard. I thought that it would cheer me up.

Helpfully my husband, being a potter, is also a dab hand with bread dough.

This was just as well because for a wee change I was wearing mostly black which most bakers generally avoid. 

Once kneaded, we left the dough to rise.

We left it for quite a while.

I started to work on a blog post which, due to our lumberingly slow internet connection was lumpy and uncomfortable work. Photos took 5 minutes to upload. The spinning beach ball of death appeared often on my screen.

About 8.00 pm I decided that, after the boot reshoot and the blog travails that, despite the dough not haven risen much at all, I now really REALLY needed to eat a hot cross bun. So I balled and baked them.

They turned out like this….

Buns of Steel

Buns of steel. Or concrete.

It’s not a good idea to eat after 9.00 pm though, right?

To make matters worse, I have been completely unable to find the brand of these boots. All I know is that there is a numeral one inside a circle stamped inside and the boots have leather uppers, soles, insoles and were made in Italy.

If anyone has a good link to a cast iron (pardon the pun) hot cross bun recipe, please let me know below. I am going to try again this weekend.  Recent stories of baking disasters would also be appreciated to cheer me up. 

8 thoughts on “Anonymous Italian Boots and Buns (Part 1) – Shoeper Challenge #17 of 105

  1. Tonight, I baked fish in foil on the BBQ to feed 5 people. Coral trout, Sweet Lip and Tusk. Brought back from FNQ last May. The baking was NOT a disaster, sorry.

    The best recipe for HCBs is to go to Baker’s Delight, hand over some filthy lucre, take them home, toast under the griller and eat. Perfick. Pick out all the soft raisins as you go, because the texture of them makes me heave. I won’t tell you what they remind me of but I have never been able to eat raisin toast for the same reason. Little soft and squishy balls of sn** are not to my liking.

    • Not sure whether baked fish falls into the same category. However, I am glad that it went well for you.

      Fish is apparently good for a lot of things. I suspect not for hot cross buns though.

  2. You know ALL my baking stories were disasters, from the gingerbread man that just kept growing in the oven to the donuts that were so hard, even the birds gave up on them. You were always great at baking; maybe just a wee bit out of practice.

  3. Oh no, just by reading the words “cast iron”… made me sick! Not because of the bun – cast iron was one of the subjects of my last exam last week – believe it or not… it was about British political history and I had to talk – among other things – about the importance of the iron industry to have an industrialized world (blargh! I respect this, yes, but why couldn’t I speak about the importance of shoes? 🙂
    Anyway, I loved your boots – I have a similar pair by Dune, does it help? Maybe yours are Dune as well?

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