Pink Flowers & the Chocolate Birthday Cake Imposter – Shoeper Shoe Challenge #16 of 105

Via Spiga Floral Suede Sandals

The last couple of weeks have been fairly shocking.  The boss and I were preparing for a presentation on Social Media law on 12 April 2011. I didn’t sleep much and worked more than I didn’t.

My family didn’t see too much of me in the two weeks or the weekend before.

On Sunday 10 April 2011 (two days before the presentation) my son the Noisy Boy, turned 7.  We were going to buy him a cake before I took a strange notion to make him one.  I used to find baking very therapeutic.

Once upon a time not too long ago I was a reasonable baker.  How hard can a chocolate cake be after all? Particularly when making it involves a lot of this:

and a bit of spoon licking.

(the blond boy is not mine incidentally, he belongs to a nice Russian family that take my son to the beach for hours at a time, dont mind his strange shrieks and gurgles and seem reluctant to bring him back. Good if clearly barking mad people as the Noisy Boy really is very noisy indeed)

Some balloon popping while the chocolate beastie was in the oven.

Before voila –  wait  over. Cake ready.

The cake tin that I used was too wide so the chocolate cake transmogrified into a large chocolate brownie

That didn’t stop my weans from inhaling the whole thing in under twelve hours.

We have managed to get through seven years without having a formal birthday party with tents and screaming and fairy bread and more screaming and so on. Although my son complains a bit chocolate cake is always a good distraction. Even a chocolate brownie masquerading as a chocolate cake.

Which just goes to show really that all you need to keep my children happy is chocolate, balloons …

…and shoes.

Blood will out, as they say.

Relaxing avec air du gateau au chocolate dimposteur (+ balloon chasing sweaty hair)

Happy birthday wee man – next year I’ll be going to Adriano Zumbo for your birthday cake x

The rest of the Shoe Challengettes have posted pictures over at Shoeperwoman’s Week 9 Roundup.

10 thoughts on “Pink Flowers & the Chocolate Birthday Cake Imposter – Shoeper Shoe Challenge #16 of 105

  1. On Saturday just gone, I turned 56. My sister gave me chocolates and my neice gave me some helium-filled balloons. I was delighted with both. We males never grow up.

  2. Oh my, those shoes are gorgeous!! Can I borrow? I have a jacket they’d suit perfectly…
    I wish I’d known about Noisy Boy’s impromptu party but I think I was hermit-ing that weekend. Next year for sure xox

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