Why Shoes? – Guest Shoe Blog Post by Kelly Burstow aka @BeaFunMum

Sometimes I get a little zing when I meet people online. 

These people, the zing people, are  the people whom I usually ask to guest blog for me. Some say no, some say maybe and then tease me with softly whispered promises over months of correspondence. Some say yes and then surprise me with beautifully crafted posts delivered up as gifts on the days when I am feeling down and wonder whether I can keep on writing, about shoes or anything else.  This post from Kelly over at Be A Fun Mum is one of those posts – a brightly wrapped breath of frangipani floating by on a waft of warm summer air.  Kelly and I met at the Aussie Bloggers Conference and she promised to blog for me. Her shoes are making me smile today on a crisp cold autumn day and reminding me that there are many more wonderful floral sandals (and guest bloggers as yet unmet) out there.


My Favourite Pair of Shoes

Why Shoes?

I did something today I’ve never done before: I counted my shoes.  I have…23 pairs of shoes…24 if you count my slippers. Perhaps a little bit of an excess — yes? But I truly wear them all! Shoes just get me. Right here (hand over heart). They are they first thing I put on and the last thing to come off. This may be pathetic, but I even have a shoe book on my bedside table. I’m serious. So what is it about shoes that get me?

Maybe it’s the undefinable pleasure I feel at hearing the click, click of heels on tiles.

Maybe it’s because they make me feel pretty and feminine.

Maybe it’s because they come in every colour under the sun.

Maybe it’s because every shoe has a story.

The thing is: I just can’t tell you exactly why I love shoes so much. There’s just something magical about them. Very much like Cinderella’s glass slippers (they were the only magic that survived the 12 o’clock curfew, you know). So if I had to sum up my love for shoes in one sentence it would be this: When I put on my favourite pair of shoes I feel like a princess. Overlook the cliché, would you, and just {sigh} with me.

I really need to get myself some glass slippers I think…

Cinderalla Shoes - Glass Slippers - Real Glass Slippers

  1. Cinderella Glass Slippers: Yes, these are wearable glass (plastic) slippers by Touch Ups. And only just over $50.
  2. Real Glass Slippers: You can buy a pair of real Maison Martin Margiela Glass Slippers for $2,500 a pair. Ouch.

My shoes

Here are some of my shoes, and I want to tell you a little bit about them.

  1. There are 6 people living at our place so it’s rather crazy how many shoes there are. I decided to keep everyday shoes outside on shoe racks (pictured below).  This way, shoes don’t get lost underneath someone’s bed and they are easy to grab as we run out the door. I keep most of my shoes (pictured 1) inside my cupboard on a shoe rack.

Shoe Rack

2. I saw these red boots when I was holidaying at Caloundra Beach, Queensland…and they were half price. I almost fell over myself to buy them.  When I wear them, people often stop        me to ask me where I got my “gorgeous red boots”.

3.   I can’t even believe this myself. I kept these shoes; I would say my favourite pair of shoes, in the cupboard for 10 months before I wore them! I was determined to save them for             my  Masked 30th Birthday Party.  After drooling over the shoes for months and months, you can image my pleasure at wearing them for my birthday party. I purchased them from a little shop on Mt Tamborine, Queensland. They are made from hand painted leather and just scream “ME” all over.

4.  Believe it or not, my husband wanted me to buy these shoes. Usually I hear “not another pair of shoes”, but not this time.   My husband and I went away for a weekend. Just us; no kids. While we were strolling in a shopping centre, take-away coffee in hand, my husband spotted these sassy and smart shoes in the window and loved them…so he made me buy them.  😉

5. It’s true: I keep a shoe book on my bedside table.  Shoes: the ultimate accessory by Tessa Paul.

6. I wore these shoes to my Dad’s wedding. How adorable are the bows at the back!?

Shoes. Shoes, shoes, shoes. They truly are the ultimate accessory.  They can be anything from practical friends to glamorous confidence boosters.

What do shoes mean to you?

Who am I? I’m Kelly.

When I’m not running around after my four kids, you’ll find me drinking tea from a pretty cup.  I love lying on the grass and the view mountains afford.  You can visit me over at my blog Be A Fun Mum.  I really have the coolest shoe blog roll you’ll ever see. Want to be on it?

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16 thoughts on “Why Shoes? – Guest Shoe Blog Post by Kelly Burstow aka @BeaFunMum

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  2. I loved the post and I have recognized myself in many sentences there! Can I quote the blog and some of the sentences on my blog then?
    Shoes do make us feel like princesses… or even queens… (although queens are associated with old women…) and they are a source of confidence, no doubt… you look gorgeous!

    Shoes # 4 are very similar to the ones I wore on Friday (I posted pics!) Adorable!

  3. I enjoyed your post very much! It reflects just the way I feel about shoes too, they are much more to me than just a necessity or accessory! I love those flowered wedges you’re wearing and your fantastic outfit in the last picture.

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