‘Nice Shoes’ : The Art of the Unsolicited Compliment – Shoeper Shoe Challenge #12 of 105

It is fair to say that as a Leo and a blogger I rather like attention and am always very appreciative of compliments.  My husband won’t indulge me and suggests that I am trying to get over some eldest child compliment/attention deficit issues.

He doesn’t understand my concern that for a shoe blogger, my shoes very seldom attract compliments publicly. That is until last week when I wore these:


I Love Billy Red Satin Peeptoe Stilettos

I had just sprachled back from work and received a text from my husband advising me that I was out of mixer for my wee goldie. (For those of you who object to mixers in whisky all I can say is make sure that you never buy the blended Scotch on offer in these parts).

Luckily there is a Coles supermarket at our train station. Unluckily the arrival of the train coincided with the queue length for the cashiers being horrendous.  I find standing in supermarket queues is incredibly stressful. Invariably someone is going to ram me in the buttocks with a basket or reach over me to get something from the till sweeties stash.   The only effective way for me to deal with this, other than snapping at people, is to go into a dwalm.

In this dwalm and while handing over some money, someone to my left said:

I love these“.

Coming out of a dwalm isn’t that easy.  I didn’t manage it terribly well.

Pardon, sorry, what?” I replied.

Your shoes” said the girl who had spoken “I love your red shoes”.

And with that random act of kindess the horrors of the work day and the supermarket queue faded in an instant.


I felt so good, almost like I had a ray of sunshine coming out of my [redacted]” Random quote on the effect of unsolicited compliments

Have you ever received/given an unsolicited compliment from a stranger? What was it? How did it make you feel? Alternatively, how did the other person react?

16 thoughts on “‘Nice Shoes’ : The Art of the Unsolicited Compliment – Shoeper Shoe Challenge #12 of 105

  1. great post and great shoes…
    I was out in Brisbane city shopping one day, while sitting down & waiting for my mum, a woman sat next to me, and crossed her legs. Of course human nature makes u look sideways when someone sits next you. But I noticed a pair of bright sunshine yellow brogues.
    I smiled and Omg they are the cutest shoes iv seen in a while .. I found out she had them made for her I nearly cried we both laughed and giggled for a few minutes and then went on with our day.

  2. I wondered if dwalm was a yoga word (eg you put yourself in some kind of trance so you didn’t snap at people)… but it’s Scottish for daydream.

    During my dwalm about what the hell a dwalm is… i imagined you writing a post about yoga terms… and the post was full of photos of yourself in yoga poses wearing amazing heels.

    It was a good dwalm… i hope it comes true.

  3. The only compliment I’ve had on shoes are on the ones you gave me at Christmas time. I have had unsolicited comments about my hair, and a request for the name of my hairdresser, which I have given and then passed on the compliment to her. So it wasn’t really a compliment for me, I don’t think. I still felt good and wanted to pass on that good feeling.

  4. I always get shoe comments – positive ones. They come from men and women… and children.

    There was a young girl who was helping her parents unpack their shopping trolley in to the boot of their car, as I walked passed in the car park.

    The girl said “Mummy, why don’t you wear shoes like that?”

    Her father replied “Because your mother was not born with those legs.”

    I do where different kinds of shoes, not the typical conservative ones so maybe that is why they draw attention.

  5. In Germany (at least where I live) few people wear extravagant or crazy or even unusual shoes so I often get comments on my shoes! Once I wore a pair of Miu Miu lookalikes (pink ones with black swallow print and rhinestones) and when I went to a store first a whole family turned around to stare at them and then the saleswoman also commented how pretty and unusual they are. It made my day! But I also compliment other people’s things when I really like them…

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