The Crummy Mummy Awards – Frocking Friday the 12th/Shoeper Shoe Challenge #11 of 105

Do you ever feel like the world’s worst parent?

In theory, I accept that there may be many far worse mothers out there than me out there. This week I am not convinced.

This week I have have not been home to read my daughter a bedtime story once. Each night was taken up with dealing with work. Except today, on Frocking Friday, when I managed to make it home by 8.oo pm. The poor wee thing was so knackered by the time that I got home waiting up for me she was talking backwards.

Luckily I managed to read her a story, or rather look with her for little tiny things and visual jokes in one of the I Spy books.

Work is work and in many ways I am luckier than most – if I was working at a big law firm, 12 hour days would be standard. That doesn’t help me stop feeling like the world’s crummiest mummy this week.

My mum tells me frequently that she realised that being a perfect mother was impossible but being an okay mother was entirely within her capabilities. In fact, as she says, if you can get your children through childhood without inflicting serious injuries or neuroses upon your children you are doing OKAY.

Elizabeth Taylor died this week aged 79.  In her honour Fox in Flats posted a lovely visual tribute to her entitled

Elizabeth Taylor, Mother of Style

Photos from Elizabeth Taylor Photo credit - A Life in Picturesby Yann-Brice Dherbia, published by Pavilion books

I found some other rather nice photos of Liz Taylor and her children online. This photo was taken in 1956 of Liz and her son Christopher, who was about a year old at the time.  It is a beautiful photo but somehow almost too theatrical to be believable. Those were different years of course, when the film studios did not really want publicity shots of actors and actresses with children. If the children were to appear it was as quiet, well dressed and preferably good looking accessories:

The Original Crummy Mummy - Joan Crawford with her children


Grace Kelly with her elegant and self-possessed children - Albert and Stephanie

Now there is always a camera around to catch the moment that you step outside with your children and someone in a newspaper or magazine to evaluate and criticise one’s parenting skills.

Exhibit 1: Gwen Stefani

Celebrated for: Having a handsome father for her children. Kingston and Zuma, and dressing the aforesaid children in funky clothes.

Crummy Mummy Points Awarded for: Getting her cut glass abdominal muscles back within months of childbirth with allegedly indecent haste.

Exhibit 2:  Heidi Klum

Celebrated for:   Being gorgeous, slightly eccentric and head over heels in love/lust with singer SEAL

Crummy Mummy Awards given for:  Losing weight and getting in lingerie catwalk modelling within weeks of having her children, having a nanny for each child and telling the nannies to hide out of sight when the paparazzi show up.

Exhibit 3:  Victoria Beckham

Celebrated for:    Designing some really rather nice frocks and having a sense of humour (the latter being unusual in celebrities apparently)

Crummy Mummy Awards for: Just about everything from being too thin to having funny shaped toes to numerous breast augmentation operations. Most recently criticised for wearing 6 inch heels while pregnant.

It occurs to me that many women spend so much time castigating other women for their parenting techniques as a kind of deflection.   After a week like this when I have not managed to make it back home from home until after 7.30 pm every night, I have a huge motherload of guilt of my own. Perhaps having a go at the beautiful and successful for wearing the wrong shoes or having Botox while pregnant will collectively make us feel so much better that we have unwashed dishes in the sink. I doubt it though.

Being a mother involves trying to juggle a bunch of things and dropping most of them. If I could afford to have a nanny, I would. If I could work from home, I would. There are a lot of things that are outside my control and I suspect that this will forever be the case now that I have children.

Meantime, I asked my husband to take this picture of my daughter and I so that she will hopefully remember that now and again, I did actually spend some time with her.

The Details:

Frock: Bang by Messina



Peep toe, bow suede pumps by Memo’Saccs



Vintage Stockings:  Seamless Mesh Roxy(R) in Beige via eBay seller eyeholesinapaperbag
Date Worn:   25 March 2011

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6 thoughts on “The Crummy Mummy Awards – Frocking Friday the 12th/Shoeper Shoe Challenge #11 of 105

  1. There is MUCH more to being a good mum than reading books (which I often find quite boring…me bad huh!). Listening and loving are the top two that come to mind. I bet you excel at those.

    Love the celeb exhibits. Great to see I’m not the only one who finds Vic Beck. hilarious.

    • In general only the Americans are surprised that she has a sense of humour I think Andrea. There has to be a reason that she snagged Becks & it’s not *just* her awesome shoe collection.

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  3. someone told me that “perfect is the enemy of good”. That cryptic saying is true on at least two levels. In its variations it has been atributed to various wise people over time.

    No-one is perfect and no-one can be. No-one should want to be. A good parent is one who loves their kids unconditionally, provides for them and teaches them a set of values that they will use to guide them through their lives. All this as well as looking after their own needs. Surely that’s enough.

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