One Size Does Not Fit All & Other Blogging Revelations aka #10 of 105 Shoeper Shoe Challenge

Photo Credit Kelly of Be A Fun Mum

Life is a journey and you are never to old to start finding out new things.  Or finding out old things in new ways.

Thing 1:  There are a lot of female bloggers out there

When you meet a lot of people that you know online offline and you know their names and what they cried about last week you are most definitely at a bloggers conference.  In particular you are at the Aussie Bloggers Conference.  There was some discussion before, during and afterwards that it was the Aussie Mummy Bloggers Conference or the Aussie Women Bloggers Conference. Accordingly there were only about 6 men in the entire room. Next year, single chaps get your tickets early. You will definitely get a lumber*.

Thing 2      People are either much taller or much smaller or have weirder knees than you expected

My father is obsessed with Charlton Heston and not in a good way. When we watched Planet of the Apes he regaled us with the time that my sister in her toddler years walked into Charlton’s legs.

He had weird knees” my dad said ‘it’s probably due to your sister walking into him“.

I didn’t notice anyone’s knees on Saturday but I think I might have been only one of 120 people who met Bern Morley and squeaked ‘aren’t you tall?‘. She said that it was her platforms but I’m not convinced.  Jayne Kearney on the other hand was 4 foot 11 without her heels but I still managed to recognise her across a crowded room. You should know that she helped me with one of my first serious blog posts.  The one that no one other than the Not Drowning Mother has ever commented on, strangely enough.

I did notice that Susan of Reading Upside Down has a quite fabulous embonpoint which I appear to be about to fall asleep on in the photos she’s posted here

Thing 3    There is ABSOLUTELY no such thing as One Size Fits All Knickers

Silk Mesh Leg Avenue(R) Tie Bank Pants OSFA

These were the knickers that I was wearing for the Aussie Bloggers Dinner Dance.

This series of photographs taken by Fiona Lumsdaine of Lumsdaine Photography I believe records the moments before, during and after the point that I realised that my tie up knickers:

(a)    had become untied due to an abundance of arse shoogling and silly moves for  which my dancer partner Kristin of Wanderlust was jointly & severally liable; and

(b)  were working their way not particularly slowly  towards the floor.

Photo Courtesy of Fiona Lumsdaine Photography. Copyright 2011. All rights reserved.

What did I do next?  What do you think?

Clothing Credits:

Sandals:    Urban Sole

Dress:         Gasp by Emanualla Silk Halter Dress (a car load of gay guys on Crown Street asked me where I got it).

Knickers:    See above, below and never again in public.


* Lumber:  A Scottish word for hooking up with someone with whom one would like to lock lips at a social occasion.  Also known as ‘getting a click’ as opposed to a clip round the ear one supposes.

7 thoughts on “One Size Does Not Fit All & Other Blogging Revelations aka #10 of 105 Shoeper Shoe Challenge

  1. A serious rival of mine, whom I loathed for her elegant cashmere sweater twin sets and skirts requiring horsehair crinolines, impressed me no end (!) when her knickers, aka panties, slid to the floor. She stepped out of them, folded them up and put them in her schoolbag. Now that is cool.

    • Close – I did the next best thing and kicked them onto the stage. At least I think I did. It was a bit of a blur really. I’ve spent the last three days checking everyone’s photos to make sure my bare arse isn’t posted somewhere.

  2. Sounds like a great time. Wish I was there! It’s funny reading about people you know off-line and someone meeting them on-line then getting to know how tiny/cool or otherwise fabulous they are when they meet them in real life.

    Which remnds me… I got myself in serious trouble when I lived in Scotland with the whole pants/undies thing. The uniform trousers that the kitchen staff had to wear was home-made and as such, didn’t have a tag or a label. As the washing and sorting of uniforms was done by a different unlucky person each week, we were never quite sure if we’d receive ‘our’ proper uniform. So one moring, I walked into the staff room for a meeting and aid (loudly- as is my wont) “I don’t know whose pants I’ve got on, but they’re not mine!”. Aghast, all the heads in the room swivelled to stare at me as they worked out just what I’d said. Then I realised it too. “Trousers, I mean. I don’t think these are my trousers.” I chose my words- trousers, pants and undies- very, very carefully from then on. 🙂

  3. You looked fabulous and you losing your knickers on the dance floor will be one of my abiding memories of the AusBlogCon2011 dinner/dance. 🙂

    I love your summary of the event. It was amazing how often I met someone and thought ‘You’re taller/shorter than I expected’. Not sure why we would form such strong images of someone’s height from a head shot in an avatar, but apparently we do. I wasn’t one of the 120 who comment to Bern about her height, but that is probably only because I didn’t manage to get to chat with her at all.

    By the way, I am choosing to translate your ’embonpoint’ reference as ‘buxom’ rather than ‘plump or stout’. 🙂 It was wonderful to meet you and I’m looking forward to trying to catch up again some time soon.

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