“Technology brought us together*” – Frocking Friday the Eleventh/Shoeper Shoe Challenge #9

*The quote “Technology brought us together” is one that I am happy to snaffle from Edenland, one of the really rather fabulous speakers at the inaugural Aussie Bloggers Conference. That lady can work a room AND make Ugg boots look sexy.  Sadly the Ugg boots did not accompany her to the conference. I’m hoping that she will blog about them for me.


So what do you do when you have two friends over the night before a bloggers conference and you’re not a teenager any more?

Apparently you drink a lot and then drag them into your bedroom to try on your CORSETS.

Yep,  the contents of my closet are now out in the public domain together with my preferred colour of knickers. You’ll find out all about those tomorrow.

Meantime, may I introduce you to two really good blogger friends of mine – Ally from Acting Like a Mama and Helen of Bells Knits and Delly & Bells Go on a Food Safari.

Just before these photographs were taken at least one of us had imbibed:

  • a few wee goldies
  • a couple of glasses of champagne
  • a glass of red wine (or two)

As Bern Morley mentioned the next day, it was really all downhill to Big White Telephone via the bottle of port from there on in. Luckily, I’d already polished that off on Christmas day.

You can’t really see the shoes in the picture above which is a bit of a fail from the Shoeperchallenge perspective. Here they are:

Filippo Raphael Black Mid-Heel Pumps with lacing detail

Funnily enough, when I blogged about these shoes this time last year, corsets managed to make a sneak appearance too. At that stage, I had no corsets. Now I have four and counting, luckily these are easier to store than shoes.

The Gory Details

Frock (Mine):  Rockchic silk mini shift

Helen/Bells:    Dress by Debenhams

Vollers Black Satin Underbust Corset V1918

Ally:                    I forgot to ask. See alcohol consumption reference op cit.

5 thoughts on ““Technology brought us together*” – Frocking Friday the Eleventh/Shoeper Shoe Challenge #9

  1. So jealous I wasn’t there for the champagne and corsets. Can’t wait to read tomorrow’s post about your knickers.

    So wonderful to meet you at AusBlogCon2011. We’ll definitely have to plan a meet-up sometime in Sydney. I’ll probably have the kids with me though, so we might have to go easy on the champagne and corsets. 🙂

  2. I DID pack my uggies! They actually have fox fur on them and I’ve already been accosted by people in the street. For, you know .. MURDER.

    I remember dancing with you on Saturday night. WINK

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