Recessionista Recycling Therapy – Aussie Bloggers Conference March 2011

I cannot remember the last time that I bought something new. Actually, I buy stuff all the time but NONE of it is new. Some of it is vintage, some of it is from thrift stores, a lot of stuff is given to me by friends. Well, actually a lot of stuff is given to me by one particular friend @KristenObaid.

A couple of weeks ago, I did a mea culpa “I have too much stuff” post. A couple of you offered to come and sort through my garage. One of you has never been seen since (although I did hear some muffled yelps from that general direction a week ago).

As a result of that post I had a lot of people advise me to keep a dress which is far too short for any kind of decency in a woman over 40.  I am not going to but I am going to give someone else the chance to allow other people to see what they’ve had for breakfast while wearing it.

Susan Whelan over at Read Upside Down blog and I started chatting after I posted those dresses. She is in the process of reclaiming her inner writer goddess with the help of The Style Counsel (aka Alison Triffet @stylecounsel).  So many mothers out there – with once finely honed antennae that used to twitch at the sight of a fine pair of high heels, a silk blouse, the perfect pair of skinny jeans or gold earrings – she now feels terribly guilty at spending money on herself, even if only to get a haircut.

So here’s the deal – don’t spend any money.

Come to our Fashion Swap on Saturday 19 March 2011.  You may find something you want, you may not – either way Susan and I will get a chance to meet you and eye up your shoes.

Here’s are the rules, recessionistas:

Aussie Bloggers Conference 2011 Fashion Swap Guidelines

To make sure Fashion Swap (#FashSwap) runs as smoothly as possible, we have a few basic guidelines for you to follow:

Who Can Swap

If you’re attending the Aussie Bloggers Conference 2011 (#AusBlogCon2011) in Sydney on the 19th March 2011, then you’re welcome to join in with the #FashSwap fun.

What To Swap

The aim of #FashSwap is to get clothing that is in good condition back into circulation. If you have quality items lurking in your wardrobe, consider giving them a second lease on life by offering them to other #AusBlogCon2011 attendees. Items can range from funky T-shirts to dresses, maternity wear to accessories (including hats, scarves, belts and shoes in new/like new condition)

The following guidelines will help you know what items to look for:

* There is a limit of 5 items per blogger – you can offer up to 5 items to others AND you can claim up to 5 items you find on the blogs of other attendees.

* All items offered should be in good condition and free from stains or major flaws. Please make sure that any minor faults, such as a missing button, are noted in your description of the item.

* All items should be clean and folded or pressed.

* Items for women only. This includes outerwear, shoes in good/like new condition and accessories. It does not include undergarments, swimwear or sports clothes.

* There is no money changing hands as part of #FashSwap. Please only list items that you are happy to give to another blogger for free.

How the Swap will Work

* Select up to 5 items of clothing or accessories that you would like to offer for #FashSwap.

* Write a blog post listing the items you would be happy to give to another blogger. Include at least one photograph of the item and a written description of the item including size, label and any minor faults.

* Clearly identify each item by number or with a label (eg. black pencil skirt, red print dress)

* Please include these #FashSwap guidelines with your post and/or link back to this page as a reference. Please emphasise in your post that #FashSwap is only open to #AusBlogCon2011 attendees.

* Visit the #FashSwap forum thread at the Aussie Mummy Bloggers group for Aussie Bloggers Conference 2011. Add a comment that includes a link to your blog post so that other #AusBlogCon2011 attendees know you are taking part.

* Use the hashtags #FashSwap and #AusBlogCon2011 to promote your Fashion Swap blog post on Twitter and keep track of posts by other attendees.

* To claim an item: be the first to comment on the post and stake a claim on a particular item by writing ‘It’s Mine! with the label for the specific item. (eg. Black pencil skirt – It’s Mine!)

* If you are claiming an item: Make sure you include contact details with your claim so that the blogger offering the item can confirm the details with you and organise to deliver your new treasure at #AusBlogCon2011

* If you are offering an item: Make sure you contact anyone claiming your items to confirm their interest and organise to meet with them at #AusBlogCon2011.

If you have any questions about #FashSwap, please contact Susan or I (using the #FashSwap hashtag) our details are:

caveatcalcei@ or via Twitter (@Gabfran)

Susan at or via Twitter (@ReadUpsideDown)

I’ll be doing a post on my items tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “Recessionista Recycling Therapy – Aussie Bloggers Conference March 2011

  1. Drat, you had my interest until “items for women only”. I am a bloke and not a cross-dresser (though I am very cross with a certain telco at the moment).

    It’s good to keep things in circulation and out of landfill. I do it all the time as a keen recycler. The problem is that the shed and garage do not have Tardis technology (the inside is NOT bigger than the outside) so space IS the final frontier.

    I hope you don’t end up trading socks for overcoats. You would then be in a worse position space-wise than when you started.

    Have fun

  2. What a great idea! I take it that this is on-line only; Aussie only; bloggers only. Still, an idea that can take hold. I’m going to encourage the Minth to have a look at this; I’m sure it will have legs in her set, though good condition items may be a problem.

  3. Rats! I’m not an Aussie. Oh well.

    I went to pick up pizza for the fam tonight at my favorite pizza joint. They said it was going to take 25 minutes to get it ready, so I went next door to Urban Threads, a store I had never been in before, and walked out with an adorable pair of shoes. That pizza just cost me another $30.

    But the shoes really are adorable!

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