Weekend Wound Shoes Part 2 – Le Silla Studded Metal Heeled Stiletto Sandals (Shoeper Shoe Challenge #7 of 105)


Le Silla Studded Steel Heeled Sandals

These Le Silla sandals I purchased from a fashion photographer in NYC who got them as a gift after a photoshoot and  gave up trying to walk in them after the first attempt. The studs are in an unfortunate place, if in fact there is ever a fortunate place for studs next to one’s toes.

Apologies for the camera shoogle in these shots. My son has a tendency to jump around to make me smile in pictures.

Le Silla Tan Leather Studded Metal Heeled Sandals, Tess Silk Blouse, CUE black pencil skirt and leather obi belt via eBay. The Minx wears Just Add Sugar Tee and Cars Pyjama Bottoms from Target

Then he makes helpful posing suggestions like:

Him: “Stand on one leg mummy and put your hand behind your head and your leg in the air

Me: “Like this?”


Him:  “Noooo MUUUUUUM like this” (demonstrates the following)

Eric Morecambe Statue, Morecambe. Copyright Community Rail Lancashire

It’s kind of hard posing thus with studs digging into your toes.


Squashed toes but aren’t those blisters healing well?

So my son took pity on me.

“Walk over there and stand on the grass mum, your feet won’t hurt as much”


<Stage Left: Son lies on ground and laughs legs waving in the air belly shaking hilarity>

Me: “Why are you laughing?”

Him: (doing a passable Jeremy Clarkson impersonation) ” I got picture of you. WALKING

<further hysterics>


Does anyone out there write a blog guide to understanding seven year old boys/Jeremy Clarkson or both?

15 thoughts on “Weekend Wound Shoes Part 2 – Le Silla Studded Metal Heeled Stiletto Sandals (Shoeper Shoe Challenge #7 of 105)

  1. 7 year old boys and Jeremy Clarkson are the same thing, only Clarkson is only marginally more evil, especially to shorter people or those with long hair.

    Eric Morecambe was perhaps one of the best loved comedians. I was very sad when I heard of his passing.

    Those shoes look very uncomfortable, but emminently suited to your next kick boxing match or self defence. Sort of podiatry knuckle dusters

    • Welcome to Law and Shoes

      Quick note to other readers if you have not yet read NewswithNipples blogs, you should do so forthwith.

      Meantime onto Mr Clarkson. Is it fair to say do you think that he has never progressed beyond the id or is his strange behaviour (and his career) some form of subliminal response to childhood trauma?

      • Really? I haven’t commented before? I’ve been reading for a while, but – brace yourself – I only have two pairs of heels…

        Interesting question. I just think he was the class clown at school to make up for having no friends and has never really grown out of it. The feeling I get when watching Clarkson – who, it must be said, can actually be very funny at times – is like the one I get when watching John Howard (but without the urge to throw things at the tv screen): that they’re expecting that any moment now, we’ll all turn around and say “naaaaah, we were just kidding, we don’t like you and it was all a big practical joke that we’ve been playing on you and now we’re all laughing at you”.

      • Displacement – yes, I can see that now and it makes me quite sad for him. Funnily enough, humour allows me to think fondly of Mr Clarkson whereas I really want to stick my fingers in my ears and hum loudly when I hear John Howard speak (regression).

        There are times when I have laughed out loud at Top Gear and I realise that for my car obsessed son, there is a comfort in believing that he can could theoretically bond with a similarly car obsessed adult.

    • I haven’t tried yet. Other than myself that is. Actually I nearly accomplished that tonight staggering home in a pair of peep toe red satin stilettos. I’m a danger to myself mostly Anj.

  2. Perhaps these are the kind of shoes you wear when you know that you will sitting still somewhere looking fabulous, rather than wandering about in all your high fashion glory – not that you didn’t look spectacular in the action shot your son took, by the way. 🙂

    I wonder if some of Jeremy Clarkson’s insecurity is based in the fact that he received a homemade toy teddy bear for his 12th birthday? (his mother made the first ever Paddington bear toys) Hardly the kind of macho testosterone-affirming toy a 12-year-old boy generally aspires to.

    • That is an excellent bit of background information that I will not share with my son Susan. Elsewise I shall spend from now until hereinafter forever reading him Paddington the Bear stories and those are much longer than Mr Men books.

  3. I was chatting to a female colleague at work today and we agreed that most males, in some fundamental respects, remain about fourteen for most of their lives. I will readily confess this of myself and it’s certainly true of Mr Clarkson and his cronies. Sadly, and happily, I still fall about laughing at a well timed fart. I still abuse the hell out of my male friends using the most appalling language. I am fixated on my penis. I like fast noisy things. And ladies in high heels and stockings.

    Your seven year old has not quite hit all of these highs yet, but he’s getting there. Bless.

    Recent conversation with my six year old (seven in April)

    SON: Dad, sometimes when I look at pictures, my willy goes straight.
    DAD: (very cool and curious to learn what pictures) Oh yeah? That happens to me sometimes too. Boys get that a lot, not to worry. What pictures make that happen, son?
    SON: Pictures of Katie Perry.

    A chip off the old block…

  4. > I will not share with my son Susan

    Your son is called SUSAN!!!??? And you think Jeremy Clarkson has problems!!!???

    Great shoes, shame about the toes – but they look great, and skin is just a luxury really.

    99% of blokes (including this one) think Clarkson is great. He pokes fun at all the things we all want to, like caravans and Priuses. And he writes very amusingly in a rag week sort of way. It’s just a bloke thing, there’s no point trying to understand it.

    SUSAN……… O.O!!!

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