Weekend Wound Shoes Part 1 – Red Patent Leather Stilettos (Shoeper Shoe Challenge #6 of 105)

Spot the Simpsons(R) brand characters

Sensible people with weekend walking wounds wear thongs. I hate thongs. I hate even calling them thongs but I have bowed to the Australians in my household.

“They are not flips flops (sic) Mummy, they are THONGS.”

With my weans it is thongs or

bare feet

or my shoes.

Just because the children wear thongs doesn’t meant that I will. In fact I go to extraordinary lengths to avoid wearing them.

Last Saturday it was warm. In fact, it was very warm indeed. Beach warm in fact times two.  Of late the children have decided that they like going to the beach. This is good as I am at my happiest surrounded by blue sky, sea and sand. It was the reason that I moved to Sydney rather than say, Melbourne where the culture is and, apparently the really good shoe stores.

My husband doesn’t like the beach. He never did much. Now that we have children he likes it even less. The sound of  our children shrieking in public wide open spaces gets through to him even more than the same shrieking in the house.

So last weekend we had a beach altercation. Unlike most altercations in our house, this was one that I lost. It was decided by the majority of house members that sitting in the paddling pool aced the beach and having a sandy bum. Outnumbered and cross I walked to the beach on my own. It took me about 75 minutes to get there. When I my huff had dissapated and in its place I had two huge blisters conveniently placed at the base of each joints of my big toes.

It’s really hard to find a pair of shoes with a vamp cut low enough not to rub at that point of your foot. If you ever need advice on what to wear if you get blisters in that area let me know, or see the rest of my Shoe Challenge Posts for this week.

I could have worn thongs, of course I could


Innovare (Myer Stores Home Brand) Red Patent Leather Stilettos Size 38


Worn: Tuesday 1 March 2011| Where: Work| With: Zac Posen for Target black silk blouse, 80s red leather pencil skirt from eBay, stockings from StockingsHQ.com


14 thoughts on “Weekend Wound Shoes Part 1 – Red Patent Leather Stilettos (Shoeper Shoe Challenge #6 of 105)

  1. And that is where we differ. I will sacrifice style and wear sneakers or even thongs rather than walk home barefoot on the filthy streets. Lucky I have my Prada fold up shuffle shoes x

  2. Hello! Your comments really cracked me up on this post! 🙂 I do like to wear “flip flops,” but I have to agree that I think it is just not right to call them” thongs.” In my vocabulary, that word is reserved for certain wardrobe items of unmentionables. 😉

  3. My first read of this blog and I so relate, my daughter and I used to stubbornly hobble to and from the station (both work in Melb CBD) we then changed our routine to get a bit more exercise in the morning and get off in Richmond and walk to Collins St.

    The extra walk got us, we now both carry our gorgeous shoes, not only because we’re ruining our feet, but because my daughter’s most favourite DKNY pumps were getting, gasp, scuffed.

    But we have some principles, still REFUSE to change during workday, will hobble to and fro on our lunchbreak

  4. I love thongs!

    There are many different kinds now that look more like sandals than thongs. Where I live, it’s sometimes too hot to cover your feet completely.

    With my recent broken toes, I had to embrace thongs. They have their place, mate 🙂

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