Blood Red – Frocking Friday the Ninth/Shoeper Challenge #5 of 105


Belvera Fashions Sydney Blood Red Net Lace Overlay Dress

Some things stay with you forever.

The first time that your heart was broken.

Feeling sand between your toes and the sun on your back on a Greek island beach after a Scottish winter, spring and summer.

Sniffing the floorboards in your parents’ good front room to try to figure out where the bad smell is coming from during a clean up after an unauthorised party held by your little sister for her school friends.

Losing someone that you love to the jaws of death and realising that you will never see them again except in dreams and possibly, maybe in the afterlife. If you believe in such things which being a sort of born-again Catholic I sort of do.

I had great hopes for this blood red dress – it was a perfect match for a pair of unworn Siren shoes that the Minx and I scored from Broadway Betty about a year ago. The shoes are the colour of dried blood too.


Siren Blood Red Lattice Stilettos

Other than that, I don’t have too much to say other than have a wee listen to the track entitled ‘Bloodlust’ by unsigned Sydney Band, Aqualash here. The lyrics remind me of something that I will never forget.


This post is dedicated to those among you who have lost a baby before or after term and  to Jen and Danielle in particular.

10 thoughts on “Blood Red – Frocking Friday the Ninth/Shoeper Challenge #5 of 105

  1. and the second time, and the third.

    I held my father’s hand as he passed away.

    It’s the scars, the painful memories that help define us, make us who we are. In a way, layers added to the person our parents made us

  2. I don’t believe any more. I think the afterlife was an invention by mankind to help keep us sane. Something to explain why we are here and to lessen fear of death.

    I don’t fear death (yet….just a painful one). Death is only to be feared if there is a consciousness after life. Otherwise there can be no regrets except in those last moments.

    Blimey! I am being so morbid, so reflective! (slaps self across face).

    Lovely dress. Amazing colour. Thanks foir sharing

  3. I have not lost a child but did lose my brother to a drunk driver (he was 37) and my 19-year old niece died in a traffic accident 4 years ago, not to mention losing my dad in ’08. I have also lost many cousins (who died at young ages as well). All of which is to say that even just yesterday, while recalling particularly my niece’s death, I reminded myself that this is probably why I am so screwed up in the head at times.

    Tragedy can mess you up big time and since I don’t drink to deal with the pain and the whole “get help” mantra didn’t work for me, and probably doesn’t for more people than we realize, well…life can just seem to be a bit too much to bear at times.

    My condolences to Jen and Danielle and the many families that I have known who have lost a child of any age. For support from others who have been there check out The Compassionate Friends. You can find them online.

    On a totally different note, this outfit is fabulous. One of the best I have ever seen you in. Would love to have some version of that dress myself.

  4. when my Dad passed away, it hit me very hard. I wish I had sought counselling as I am sure it would have helped. I recommend that help to anyone. It’s too hard on your own and needn’t be.

    Once again, my compliments on a terrific dress. The colour and the design are really great

  5. Hi… first time I comment here… obviously your friends know the ones you are referring to… I got to understand that some of your friends are dealing with death… well… me too. I’m sorry for your friends, as I’m sorry for everybody who lost a beloved one.
    My parents died both last year, within the space of 9 months between each other. My mom, 3 months ago. I was writing my Master’s thesis when my dad unexpectedly passed away – and I was 8.000 miles away… I don’t know how I was able to finish the thesis after this, but somehow I did.
    Then my mother was diagnosed with cancer, and it was so advanced that she didn’t even have 6 months, the doctor said. I went to see her, and she died alone with me after kind of 3 weeks. My two brothers were coming to the hospital, but it was me with her, I was alone there… and now… I have to talk about my dissertation to finally get my degree, on Monday, March 14. I couldn’t read half of I had to. It’s been so hard… outside I appear to be OK. Smiling and whatsoever. It’s inside – I’m totally a mess…

    Sorry for such an emotional comment… I really wanted to say I love red and I simply loved your dress! I hope you have a great weekend and that you save some more shoes!!!

    • I just want to express my sympathy for your loss. You have been through (and are still going through) a very tough time. I hope you are being kind to yourself, at least as much as possible given circumstances.

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