Frocking Friday the Eighth/Shoeper Challenge #4 of 105 – The Clouseau Cheongsam

As I mentioned recently, I have a bit of a cheongsam obsession.

The Frock:                   Black handmade silk brocade cheongsam from China via eBay.

When/where worn:   Friday 25 February 2011

What with?:  Robert Robert stilettos with ankle straps/laces originally worn and blogged about here.

Today I had to acknowledge that I am a subconscious dresser. Whereas some people trawl through fashion magazines for sartorial inspiration, I watch films.

Little snippets of movies stay in my head and bounce around unbidden. Sometimes when I see a pair of shoes or an article of clothing, a little sliver of recognition prods me.  It may not be until later, much later that I realise which film has inspired me to buy something.

Sometimes it takes years for me to realise that I have been so inspired.

Had someone not complimented me on the dress and mentioned that I looked like an evil brothel keeper I would never have discovered which door to  a room in my subconscious was opened when I saw this cheongsam.

Here is that door.

Brothel Scene - Revenge of the Pink Panther (1978) dir. Blake Edwards)

Bingo. The root of my cheongsam obsession? Who knows but investigating my subsconscious lead me to one of my favourite film clips. Inspector Clouseau (Peter Sellers) arrives home as a cross dresser in the world’s worst shoes to find that his manservant has turned his apartment into a ‘nookie factory‘.  I love Valerie Leon as the bull whip cracking Tanya the Lotus Eater.

Are you subsconsciously influenced by any films either in your dress sense, lifestyle choices or otherwise?

7 thoughts on “Frocking Friday the Eighth/Shoeper Challenge #4 of 105 – The Clouseau Cheongsam

  1. it took years for me to realise why I was so attracted to a young lady at work….her hair was just like Mortica Addams’ in the TV series. Vive la subconscious!

  2. I love the Regency-style clothing in Pride and Prejudice and am always on the look out for dresses with a waistline just below the bust. Particularly if it comes with a sash.

    You look fab, by the way. As always.

  3. I love your flair for accessorising Ms M. To be honest, I am not quite sure what influences my style. I think that it is just a matter of whatever topples out of my wardrobe.

  4. I always knew you were hooked on the Pink Panther films; just hadn’t realised the many levels on which they have had an effect. I did ballet because of The Red Shoes, and was desperate to move to Scotland because of Brigadoon and Lassie. On a deeper level, I haven’t worked out what behaviours, choices I have made that are due to films. Style-wise, probably nothing.

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