Shoeper Shoe Challenge #3 of 105 – Pee, Poo Ups & Stiletto Ankle Boots

The last time that I wore these boots the house smelled of pee.

Actually the house still does smell of pee.  My new photographer (see previous post) doesn’t lift the toilet seat or the lid when he relieves himself first thing in the morning.

He does not remember to switch the camera off at night after he has finished taking pictures of his nostrils either.

Accordingly, today’s photo is brought to  you by iPhone. Atmospherically the composition is flawless.  Ahem.

The Minx finally did toilet train herself. At least, during the day.  At night, she is still in ‘poo ups’.

The ‘poo ups’ are dry every morning but she insists on wearing them. Without the extra layer of dryness she wakes up three or four times in the night petrified that she is going to pee herself. She then wakes the rest of us up to tell us about it.

So the saga continues.  I have to keep these boots, just to see what is happening in the general arena of bodily functions this time next year.

Or maybe I should take the hint and give them up?


Today’s boots brought to you from somewhere in Canada via thrift. I have no idea who made them and when. They appear to date back to the 80s. The inner sole is a gold embossed leather which has worn away through time. The last few letters of the brand emblem are the stylised letter ‘ina’.  If you recognise them, please let me know.

3 thoughts on “Shoeper Shoe Challenge #3 of 105 – Pee, Poo Ups & Stiletto Ankle Boots

  1. Well, they do say that you eventually get to the stage where your sense of smell dulls.

    That said, I was meditating in the garden this morning at 6.30 am while our next door neighbour availed himself of the downstairs lavatory.

    Suffice to say that I have yet to find a mantra that overcomes the smell of a meat eater’s morning poo.

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