Ditch Em Monday

It has become evident that I have far, far too much stuff in my house.

Here is some stuff:

here is more stuff.

My garage, my house and my life are repositories for more stuff than is healthy for a person.

In an effort to make myself more mindful about my acquisition of stuff, I am conducting an exercise in the removal of stuff.  Things are going to be given away, sold or chucked out.

As part of this exercise, I asked my six year old son to stop taking pictures of himself

and start taking pictures for me to send to friends whom I am trying to foist my clothing related stuff on.

If any of you want any of these dresses, let me know overnight. Otherwise, they are getting eBayed, Etsy-ed or ditched.

The One Teaspoon Evil Rose Not-Quite-A-Dress Dress

The Mink Pink Wrapped Up Like a Chocolate Box Dress

The Abigail's Party Dress

and finally

The First Summer I Spent In Sydney I Was 2 Stones Heavier But It's Really Pretty Dress

The First Summer I Spent In Sydney I Was 2 Stones Heavier But It's A Really Pretty Dress Dress

On a separate note, not bad photos for a six year old, what do you think?  I’ve offered him a gold coin commission on every sale that I make off the back of his work on eBay in the future.

17 thoughts on “Ditch Em Monday

  1. Ahhh. The cleaning out- oh-my-goodness-where-did-all-this-crap-come-from?!? mood. I’ve seen it from the inside of my own eyeballs.

    There are some of us who are hoarders, and someof us who have no sense of sentimentality whatsoever. May you find the balance that both your wardrobe capacity (and your brain space) can cope with. 🙂

    Good luck with the chuck.

    • “Good luck with the chuck” is a wonderful phrase.

      I owe you a piece of writing Jodie. I did in fact write something and then promptly decided that it wasn’t worthy of the piece that you were writing. It was a writer’s block stage that I was going through.

      Perhaps if I get rid of some of the crap, I shall be able to breathe and overcome the block and what became a paralysing fear of writing anything.

  2. I definitely relate to the need to sort and declutter. Your photos could have been taken in my home, if only there had been a short of an ironing pile trying to take over a corner of the loungeroom (note to self: time to move the ironing pile to a less obvious position).

    I’m sure the fact that my brain feels so cluttered is linked with having such a cluttered, disorganised house. I’ve linked up with The Organised Housewife’s declutter challenge in an attempt to motivate myself to sort through the mess. It’s amazing how many excuses I’ve come up with to do nothing.

    Because I am fashion dysfunctional, I am also treating myself to a wardrobe makeover with a stylist (Alison Triffet, @StyleCounsel). It is my 40th birthday gift to myself.

    Looks like 2011 is the year to sort, declutter and simplify. Good luck!

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