Shoeper Shoe Challenge – #2 of 105 – Dumond Bronze Strappy Sandals

Frocking Friday the Seventh was also the Second Day of the Shoeper Shoe Challenge 2011.  The second pair of shoes snatched from the jaws of the red wheelie bin are these bronze Dumond sandals

This is a Brazilian brand that I was not previously familiar with. I found these in one of my favourite thrift stores, one that seems to specialise in selling on high heeled party shoes that have been worn once. These sandals are quite hard to walk in quickly. I suspect that dancing in them would be a wee bit tedious after the first ten minutes. As it is I kicked them off and carried them home from work.

The heel shapes for Dumond shoes and sandals are quite elaborate and that makes me interested in adding a few more to my collection.

To see what everyone else wore for the Shoeper Challenge click here Personally I think that Veronika’s pig is about the cutest accessory a girl could have for a pair of lace up boots.


Dumond Sandals

Dumond Tan Stiletto Platform Pump

5 thoughts on “Shoeper Shoe Challenge – #2 of 105 – Dumond Bronze Strappy Sandals

  1. I love the Dumond sandals! They are just the kind of thing I would love to wear.

    They are also the kind of shoe that should only be worn to go out to dinner, etc. In other words when you will mostly be sitting down. But kudos to you wearing them to work!

    • The Dumonds are evening sandals, for sure. I think that we have reached the age and stage of our lives Anne where we should be able to just sit down a look & smile inscrutably. Don’t you?

  2. i love dumond shoes! they’re so chic! they look so pretty on my feet and i feel very comfortable wearing it even if they’re high heeled sandals or pumps. im keeping more than 20 pairs of it. and had endorsed it to my friends and they’re happy wearing it too. it adds up to your personality

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