Frocking Friday the Seventh – Urban Camouflage

Did anyone else have a crush on Loretta Swit in M*A*S*H?

How about Radar O’Reilly?

If the answer to the above is yes, you’ll like today’s frock.

Apparently, according to my husband, Radar is exactly who I look like.

I can’t for the life of me remember what Radar’s catch phrase was. He was cute though, right?

You won’t find me in khaki terribly often. I have olive skin and green tones make me look and feel wee bit sallow. However the sandals that I have on are predominantly green in tone. That meant that I had to find clothes to match them with.  Green clothes.

There’s not a lot else to say really. Except that perhaps in wearing khaki I have finally reached the stage where I am prepared to admit my paralysing crush on John Le Mesurier in Dad’s Army.  Never has a man worn olive and insouciance so well.

5 thoughts on “Frocking Friday the Seventh – Urban Camouflage

  1. I didn’t follow Dad’s Army. Not sure we had it here in the US. Insouciance, what a nice word. Is it even possible in these times.
    BTW you look great in kamo kahki. I like the color pallette. There’s nothing sallow about you.

  2. Thank you Alphonse. It is hard for me to deviate from basic black.

    Please do try to source Dad’s Army on DVD (you won’t find it uploaded online). It really does say quite a lot about the British or rather the English.

  3. Very sultry Ms CC, very sultry indeed. Somehow it goes well with the “jungle” plants inthe background. I have a Radar O’Reilly hat you may borrow (seriously).

    On a related theme, I love the joke..”I keep looking to buy a pair of camo pants but I can never find them”

    John L was brilliant in Dad’s Army. It is strange to see him playing “straight” characters in films. He was the quintissential gentleman, albeit vague, in Dad’s Army.

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