Shoeper Shoe Challenge 2011 – #1 of 105 Dealing With The Bump

Before Christmas I decided, after seeing a beach photograph of my white and not especially smooth thighs, to start running again.

This went well for a couple of weeks.

Then it didn’t.

While running across a pedestrian crossing at 6.45 am, a car appeared rather suddenly to be bearing down on me. I changed direction. My Achilles tendon didn’t.

Since then I have been doing some rehabilitation – walking up & down in salt water, calf raises Vrksasana and other one legged balances on the PowerPlate at Tiaki Pilates, running for the train in high heels …

There is a kind of funny gristly lumpy protrusion on the back of my left ankle. I am convinced that it is there forever now.

It ain’t pretty and when I touch it I feel a bit like spewing.

However, one thing I have discovered about the bump is this – I can suddenly wear slingbacks again without the slingbacky bit sliding off over my heel.

AA Milano for Allessandro Dell'Acqua

Hooray for bumpy protrusions.

When:  Wednesday 15 February 2011

What: AA Milano for Alessandro Dell’Acqua Baby Pink Sling Backs

Why:    For Work

11 thoughts on “Shoeper Shoe Challenge 2011 – #1 of 105 Dealing With The Bump

    • BB (Before Bump) I was going to ask you for a formal written advice on how to keep slingbacks on, Erin.

      Also, I have a pair of Alexander McQueen vintage leather n metal mesh sandals which are your size rather than mine… I’ll still blog about them but they may be bequeathed to you in due course. There is no sensible way to stretch metal wire, is there?

    • Hi Shoe Loving – welcome to Law&Shoes.

      I think that I have fallen in lust with your Sergio Rossi glitter heeled shoes.

      There are good things and bad things about the summer. For example, depilation and pedicures are not optional items in the sunshine.

  1. That’s true! Summer really is more high-maintenance! But still, I love sandals and summer dresses and sitting in the garden too much……..Well, at least half of Winter for this year is over already 🙂
    I also love the Sergio Rossis! I mostly live in Germany where it’s really difficult to find some beautiful& interesting shoes that aren’t super-expensive and I mostly get my crazy shoes at yoox and ebay so I don’t have to spend a fortune on them.

  2. Welcome to the back bump crew, now I just need some slingbacks of my own, especially since living in Queensland isn’t overly conducive to a shoe wardrobe that mainly consists of Converse and boots.

  3. I have had a nasty bump under my inside ankle since I was 10. I am now 55.

    Every time it gets bumped, it is agony. 45 years of occasional agony. The kind that masochists dream of. I am not a masochist, though I have watched more than one episode of Gilligan’s Island, so maybe I am.

    It is probably one of those blowout things on the sheath protecting the sciatic nerve. The kind that GPs used to fix by whacking them with the family bible.

    Well, my sister has our generational family bible now, all 4 tonnes of it, as per the one in Raiders of the Lost Ark. I only have a paperback version. I am reluctant to go near my bump even with that.

    So, you can live with it quite successfully, unless you bump it in a meeting at work. The outpouring of Celtic colouful language will get you unemployed on the spot. Alternatively, get it looked at early.

    Mine still can hurt like @#$%! ^&*%!!!!

    • I believe that it is scar tissue. My husband has been very good at banishing ganglian tumours from my wrists by hitting me with heavy books.

      The lovely Colin at Tiaki has shown me a trick for breaking down the scar tissue and the fluid in the bump. Not pretty, not fun, but effective.

      The bump is half the size that it was last week.

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