The Shoe Challenge 2011 – 105 Pairs of Shoes

In October 2009 my life changed forever. No longer would I look at my shoes quite the same way ever again. Every working day involved a double challenge – to wear a different pair of shoes and to write about them.  The first Shoe Challenge Post was fairly short and concise.  As time went on, I started to feel the need to write more and the posts became considerably more complex and time consuming to write. Bearing in mind the time that it took me to write posts, it is probably not surprising that  I officially failed to complete that challenge.

What I discovered in the process of failing is that every challenge must have rules. I like rules.  It is the lawyer in me.

Rules provide certainty and structure and clarity.   If  rules are generated and applied by someone else, that is even more of an incentive for me to comply with them. It is even more fun if I get to draft a complex legal document for no reason whatsoever other than my own amusement (see below).

Deed of Acceptance of Shoe Challenge

With that I hereby solemnly declare that I, Caveat Calcei, being of reasonably sound mind and with level blood sugar:

1.    officially failed my 2009 Shoe Challenge.

2.  have joined the international cavalcade of shoes being marched out  and hitting a pavement near you hereafter referred to as The Shoeperwoman Shoe Challenge 2011 or Challenge.

By entering the Challenge I hereby acknowledge and agree that the following Shoe Rules will apply:

(a)  I will wear every pair of shoes/boots in my possession and control (as further specified in the Schedule attached hereto) before the end of the Challenge;

(b)   either I or my authorised representative will take photos, of me wearing each pair of shoes.  Only full length outfit shots are acceptabe: photos of feet in shoes or just shoes constitute a breach of the rules) (Evidence);

(c)  any shoes that I haven’t worn by the end of the Challenge must be disposed of;

(d)  that I will email Shoeperwoman a link to my Challenge blog posts weekly.

The unabridged Official Shoe Rules are posted here and are hereby incorporated brevitatis causa.


Number of Shoes and Boots:  105 excluding thongs (flip flops), shoes worn solely for taking out the rubbish and running shoes

Commencement Date:  14 February 2011

Duration of Challenge:   12 months from the Commencement Date.


Shoe Cupboard at Work

Boots in Shoe Cupboard at Work

When our office was broken into about a year ago all I could think about was whether or not the robbers had been in my office shoe cupboard.  Luckily, no prisoners were taken.

Total Number of Shoes/Boots – 11

Home Shoe Cupboard #1  (14 pairs)

Part 1

Top Shelf:

Bottom Shelf:
Schuh Minnie Mouse Shoes (1990s) Fiordiluna Patent Pumps
Giamarco Lorenzi Perspex Heeled Platforms Embroidered Silk Slides (new from thrift)
Gold vintage Springolators® John Fluevog Hepburn D’Orsay Pump
Missi Jackson Leather Pumps Alan Pinkus Bejewelled wedges
Urban Sole Strappy Sandals + another  6 pairs to the left hand side

Home Shoe Cupboard #2 (in the portion of the hall where our ghost hangs out)

19 Pairs of Boots and Shoes including (from the front left:

Amanda Starr Silk Leopard Print Sandals

Gianmarco Lorenzi Patent Leather & Turquoise Suede Platforms

Zu Snakeskin Peep Toes

Back Row (from right)

Robert Robert Ankle Strap Stilettos

Animal Print Peep Toe Platforms (Mystery Designer)

Roberto Vianni Navy Suede Peeptoe Platform Pumps

Home Shoe Cupboard #3 (Wardrobe 25 pairs)



Then there is the garage. I am pretty sure that there are another 15 pairs of shoes and boots in there. I am scared to go in there as the shoe boxes are mixed in with the Christmas Decorations and something could go horribly awry if I try moving anything. So I won’t.

This brings me to my next topic. Shoe storage solutions. For this I shall be doing some serious movie research and shall revert shortly.

Meantime, have you entered the Shoe Challenge? If so and you have ended up here via Shoeperwoman’s Participants List, please say hi.  Down there <points>



12 thoughts on “The Shoe Challenge 2011 – 105 Pairs of Shoes

    • Those are the most delicious and vertiginous heels that I possess. Every step requires concentration and foresight and so now they are Indoors Shoes.

      As you will realise – there is very little room for the children’s stuff and my shoes. My poor husband is left an airport toilet sized space for his things.

  1. Well, I came here from Shoeperwoman’s blog, and I just wanted to say hello, as I’m also a lawyer from Australia doing the shoe challenge! I’m intrigued by your shoes that are second from the left in the last photo here – are those fish on the front? I like quirky, unusual shoes myself, and I’d like to see what you end up wearing these with!

  2. I have eight pairs of shoes, including one pair of thongs. I am a male. The challenge need only last 8 days.

    Good luck CC. I know how painful it will be for you to discard any shoes. They must each be like good friends

    • It is generally the case that women have more shoes than men. However, men make up for their lack of shoes with gadgets, phone chargers and strange extension cords which once belonged to something or other.

  3. Wow that’s a LOT of shoes! I guess my chalnge is not half as difficult as yours, I have 52 pairs left, one saved!
    Waiting for your first outfit and “save”!


    • Hi Tali – thanks for coming over to have a look.

      Your shoes are much more exciting and avant garde though than mine. I really love reading your blog. You have a way with words, clothes and footwear that makes me smile inside and out.

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