Frocking Friday the Sixth – The Central Station Pervert & Up the Creek Shift Dress

So there is this architect guy.  He’s 56 years old. On Thursday Transport Police at Sydney’s Central Station find him taking pictures of women’s nether regions using a digital camera attached to the top of his briefcase. Apparently on his camera were more than 1100 images of female bottoms and private parts.

My boss brought this headline to my attention yesterday.

You do realise” she said ” that there is a reason behind the Office Dress Code Policy. No good comes from letting men get a look up your skirt“.

The Office Dress Code, dear readers, stipulates that no dress or skirt should be above mid-thigh. What on earth is mid-thigh particularly when one is 5 foot 4 inches in old measurements (as I am)?

My friend Louise reminded me tonight that at her high school the teachers took a standard measurement from the knee to the hem of the skirt. This is not something that I remember as for most of my life I have worn floor length skirts whenever possible. It has only been in the last twelve months that I have worn anything over the knee at all.

That said, I have noticed that schoolgirls in these summer months are wearing pelmets rather than skirts and I wonder whether they are having the self same conversations with their parents as I am having with my boss.

Should one dress to avoid falling prey to perverts?

I take the view that it is quite impossible to tell what a pervert is likely to be interested in. Some perverts like women (and young girls) in very short skirts. Other perverts may well get just as excited with a pair of bare feet in flat sandals. Yet another pervert’s boat may be set afloat by a pair of skin tight jeans or the fact that one is wearing rubber gloves to do the gardening.

However, if one was to dress to avoid the perverts, surely this would be the dress to do it in?

Smocks of any description including but not limited to maternity smocks are probably the most comfortable and least sexually appealing of any dress style.

I am aware, however, that there are gentlemen out there that find pregnant women highly appealing. My husband is one of them. “I saw this cute little girl with a HUGE belly hanging over her jeans” he will say to me now and again. I stare at him. “I don’t want any more children” he says quickly and not very convincingly “honestly“.

Hmm. This is just as well. I hated maternity dressing.

Not being pregnant, I now find unstructured smock dresses very problematic to wear.

Even when I was pregnant I preferred tightfitting clothes to ensure that people knew that I was actually WITH CHILD and not just carrying a wee bit too much abdominal weight.

So putting this silk softly draping Witchery dress on for Frocking Friday this week, I really really wanted to tie the accompanying thin navy silk sash around the midriff.  Just so that the world (and Central Station’s perverts) would know that I was NOT PREGNANT.

But then again, would that make a blind bit of difference?

I mean if one had an interest in maternity knickers that is:

which, I should point out, I did not even when I was pregnant.

I should also point out that I am very lucky that I have any blog photographs at all this week as I completely forgot about my husband’s birthday.

Baby brain lasts a long time but I think that as an excuse it was a fairly lame one. So I bought my husband an “oh dear, I stuffed up ironic gift“.  This would be the gift:

Up Sh*t Creek x Jon Campbell

He didn’t say much. He did take the pictures though. I suspect that I might be wearing the above next week.


When Worn: Friday 11 February 2011

Dress:   Witchery silk blend (95% silk, 3 Elastane)

Shoes:  Dolcis – Silver Grey Satin & Diamante


5 thoughts on “Frocking Friday the Sixth – The Central Station Pervert & Up the Creek Shift Dress

  1. > Other perverts may well get just as excited with a pair of bare feet in flat sandals

    You mean as in, “well, if you ask me, she was just asking for it, I mean, wandering about like that with a skirt down to her ankles and a pair of clogs, I mean I’m not sexist or nothing but well, a man’s a man, eh?”

    • You just never know really do you? I suppose that is the fun of public transport, trying to spot the person who is squiggling in his or her seat because your are chewing your nails in a seductive manner.

  2. My God, your body language speaks volumes about your opinion of wearing a smock!

    The smock takes a second place to the flannelette nightgown in my opinion. This isn’t called a “passion killer” for nothing.

    I remember at high school, a boys’ school, we would watch one of our classmates at lunch time, sidle up behind each female teacher, with a mirror in his hand. Why he thought no-one was noticing him looking up their skirts is beyond me, but we thought it was hilarious. This was the 70s, when skirts were short.

    My English teacher wore short leather miniskirts…in a boys’ school! She was gorgeous and my second love from afar. Some boys were caught, waiting under the open stairs for her to walk down. I was NOT one of them. 🙂

  3. My highschool girlfriends used to smile and nod whenever I purchased a new dress or skirt as they knew that as soon as I got home I would take the hem up. Of course at 15 years of age, being 5′ 9″ and a northern beaches blonde, it had the desired effect on the local wildlife. Not that I wanted anything to do with them, I just liked to watch them.

    Still do.

    That said … the mere thought of the right man looking up my skirt is so entirely delicious I might just faint!

    So might he!

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