Frocking Friday* the Fifth – Silk and Plukes

This weather is atrocious.

I moved to Australia to get some sunshine, among other reasons.  Most of the time the sunshine is rather nice. For the first time this year, for example, we have actually managed to a get a couple of full days at the beach. We have also learned that the way to get sunscreen on the wean is to paint them with this stuff:

Instead of the whole ‘now it’s time for sunscreen’ shrieking match we now have a face painting session.

That leaves the rest of the day for having fun and more face painting and no cancer skin damage. Accordingly this year is the first year for about six years  where I have anything approximating a healthy glow because we can spend more than 30 minutes on the beach.  Of course dermatologists and other wise people will tell you that there is no such thing as a healthy glow from the sun.  So for six years I stayed out of it.  My chiropractor told me that I should either take Vitamin D supplements or get out in the sunlight.

But what about the skin cancer warning?” I bleated “Pale is where it is at, white is in, only completely suicidal lunatics go out in the sun“. “Oh for fuck’s sake” she muttered under her breath. Or at least, I think she did.

So that brings me to the dress of the day. Its a silk sundress.  There are little straps and lots of flesh on display.  It was being worn (on Friday 4 February 2011) because it is really rather stinking hot here.

This is not a dress to wear with white skin and back or chest plukes really is it?

For those of you unaccustomed to my Scottish vernacular a pluke, dear reader is a spot. A zit if you will. I have loads of them due to the Sydney heatwave. What I am not going to do here is to rehash my previous post on pluke picking.  What I will do is to direct you to this rather excellent Taxonomy of Zits (a comprehensive guide to pimples) by Jezebel magazine.

Yes, I am disgusting but just tell me how many times you have found yourself on a train behind someone, anyone with back plukes and not thought for just one moment about reaching forward….

Dress:  Myer Miss Shop Brand Silk Hankerchief Hem Dress from eBay


Plukes:  Author’s own.

Date worn: Friday 4 February 2011

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12 thoughts on “Frocking Friday* the Fifth – Silk and Plukes

    • The sandals are mental, Play School presenter colours. In this heat, something cheery on one’s feet is imperative.

      While wearing this dress I was thinking about you Fiona and recalling our conversation regarding Sydneysiders and Too Much Flesh on Display. This may well fall into that category.

    • It’s like zit tunnel vision isn’t it? Those deep blackheads that some people get draw me inexorably towards them like a moth to a flame. Hovering, looking for an excuse, any excuse to pounce & squeeze…

  1. I saw recently where a woman of my previous association thought it was a real turn-on to be corrected for spelling errors by a strong man.

    I will assume that you do not share her passion, so I will refrain. Now that I have either wound you up, or sent you searching with a spell-check magnifying glass, I will offer my thoughts on this, yet another enjoyable read.

    I love the t-shirt…Department of Awesome.

    I can remember the feeling,as a child, of having a two inch thick layer of white zinc spread over my nose with a brickie’s trowel. I hated it. The face-painting ruse is sheer brilliance. It probably still needs to be 2 inches thick though and applied widely, as if the weens are about to go on a commando raid.

    I guess parenting relies on 30% psychology, 30% trickery and 40% everything else.

    As for this weather….I hate February in Sydney. This one has been worse than many. I want to go to Europe, every February. I’d rather freeze than gasp for air, like breathing through a wet sack.

    I hate sitting behind someone with back pimples. Thoughts of “she’s gonna blow!” make me want to sit somewhere else eg up with the driver, on another train.

    • Oh Erin thanks! The only thing that is keeping me going through the humidity is the thought of getting through a few more floaty silk frocks. This is the kind of dress that I only have worn on my annual beach holiday in either Spain or Greece. Now I have the whole Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter wardrobe to work with. It takes a wee bit of getting used to and I’ve only been here 11 years.

      Do you pack all your summer frocks away?

  2. Gorgeous dress!! I can’t bring myself to call dresses on girls “frocks”… Only when they’re on boys. Priscilla Queen Of the Desert taught me that cocks wear frocks on rocks 😉

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