Frocking Friday The Fourth – My Husband Thinks That I Look Like An Italian Road Sign (and other stories)

This is an Italian road sign:

and this is me wearing a dress:

An uncanny resemblance right?

This is my face the first time my husband pointed out the resemblance:

and this is me the second time:

and the third time

and the fourth, but unfortunately not the last time:

Apparently I have no sense of humour.

To which I would reply et separatim that:

fine del diritto di precedenza

means “end of current right of way” which is a nice way of saying that one is overegging the pudding.

Don’t you think?


The Gory Details:

Dress:  Tokito, silk purchased from eBay December 2010.

Shoes:  Vintage Spring-o-lators (R) purchased eBay (US)  October 2010.

Stockings: Pretty Polly

Amber Jewellery: From all over the shop.

14 thoughts on “Frocking Friday The Fourth – My Husband Thinks That I Look Like An Italian Road Sign (and other stories)

  1. Wow. You (and that dress) are just gorgeous! I really love yellow/gold & just wish i looked good in it. At least i can live vicariously through my daughter in that regard.

  2. I don’t see the resemblence but if there were, never did a roadsign look so amazing. I thought roadsigns were meant to stop crashes, not cause them

  3. Love your blog. Those photos of your reaction were hilarious!! very funny.

    Thought I’d better check out/follow everyone who is attending the AusBlogCon. Pop over to bigwords if you get a moment x

    • Hi Bigwords

      Welcome to Law and Shoes! Also, that is an excellent idea – I shall visit the other Aussie Bloggers Conference attendees one by one to say hi.

      Looking forward to meeting you next month x

  4. Great dress! Speaking of Italian roadsigns, all along the highway that goes along the Italian Riviera, at the entrance to several of the tunnels, are signs that say, in English, “a fine tunnel”. And indeed they are definitely rather good tunnels.

    • Try as I might I cannot find a picture link for those signs John.

      There is nothing quite like a good tunnel particularly when bandying around a few double entendres.

      Nice to see you, to see you, nice.

    • Well let’s see – I googled:

      Italian Riviera tunnels signs

      a fine Italian tunnel road

      etc etc

      You have secret ways of finding things that I suspect I never want to be privy to.

  5. I hesitate to tell you all my secrets since, as you so rightly observe, it might be better for you not to know. However I can reveal that in this case my technique was to type “a fine tunnel” to Please do not tell anybody about this. You know that this is in your own interest.

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