Guest Shoes Post – Walk A Mile by Soshoemi*


This is a photo of me sitting on a former lover’s bed, wearing his shoes.  It was one of those random moments captured in time.  He called this photo “Walk A Mile”.  As is evident from the picture, his shoes were not a good fit.  I could barely get around the block in them.  But it got me thinking, what can you really tell about a person from their shoes?

For example, the owner of these handmade brogues clearly has an appreciation for quality.  But there was so much more to him.  And the shoes simply gave no hint of that.

And he thought I was kind of crazy. And maybe my shoes would give that impression.  For example there are the rainbow eelskin Sergio Rossi boots.

Or the orange and cream patent ruffle Miu Miu pumps.

Or the black suede Dolce & Gabbana platform pumps.

Or even the Roberto Cavalli leopard print ankle boots.

Or maybe all these shoes say is that I have sense of humour and spend way too much money on shoes?

I am definitely a peoplewatcher. In fact, in addition to paying too much for my shoes, I probably also pay too much attention to what other people are wearing.  For example, this trendy guy who is going sockless on Chapel Street in Winter:

Or this woman with her stylish but sensible sandals at Degraves Street café last weekend.

Or these sporty dudes making their way down Toorak Road:

These are impressions I have gleaned from a fleeting (feeting) encounter. But I won’t really know anything about them. Until I have walked a mile in their shoes.


*About the Author:

At that time that she wrote this post, I didn’t really know the guest blogger yet, except that in a funny way I did. She is drawn like a moth towards the flame of outlandish and outré shoes.  She has a thing for leopard print.  Also, I know her shoe size. This is true shoe symbiosis.

She was a Melbourne lawyer with a thing for shoes. Now she is a Sydney lawyer. It’s heriditary (both the law and the shoes not the Sydney thing). Soshoemi!

6 thoughts on “Guest Shoes Post – Walk A Mile by Soshoemi*

  1. yhe photos say that you are unique, you love life, you have a real sense of fun and a somewhat rebellious streak. Long live You

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