Frocking Friday #2 – Humidity, Humility & Hydrological Disasters

Things always look different in films.

Violence in films is always choreographed, often almost balletic in the case of Stanley Kubrick’s droog fight in the Clockwork Orange 

Violence in real life is slow, lumbering and brutal.

In disaster movies, flood water is steel grey, metallic looking.

In real life, flood water is brown.

Queensland Floods, Milton Kathleen McLeod Creative Commons Licence CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

It is Friday 14 January 2011. My husband tells me that the humidity level in Sydney is 98%.  There is a trickle of sweat running down each side of my rib cage from the effort of standing here typing this blog.  Everything seems to be difficult except sleeping. So I wonder how those people are doing in Queensland with a wall of water where their homes used to be.  How does one sleep when brackish water swills through the streets?

There are a lot of people who have lost their homes this week.  Some others have lost their lives.  Still more are unaccounted for.

In the heart of disaster, offers of help appear from everywhere. Gumboots are donated en masse Thousands of people have turned up to mop the streets.

It may be that extra help may not be needed. My friend Kathleen McLeod, who took the photo above, noted today that:

Brisbane has _too many_ people volunteering (and I hope that out west has just as many). Imagine what we could achieve if this spirit of generosity and volunteerism continued after the flood clean up? Working bees every week! We could transform our society.

It is true. We become less detached in circumstances where other people are vulnerable.  It is an exercise in humility to lose everything and an exercise in compassion to help.

I wondered, looking at my wardrobe yesterday and trying to figure out how to dress for the 98% humidity, whether to finally bung up some of things that I have been meaning to sell on eBay to raise a bit of extra money for the Queensland rescue appeal.  Then it occurred to me that, other than shoes, I very seldom buy anything off eBay for more than $20 and that I might not be the only miserable sod out there like that. This Tokito silk dress (backless for evaporative cooling qualities) cost me $1.75 for example.

Maybe the thing to do would be to do some free Pilates mat classes or yoga classes out here in Hurstville and get people to offer wellington boots, toiletries and non-perishable food items to the relief effort in exchange for me torturing them?

Any takers?

5 thoughts on “Frocking Friday #2 – Humidity, Humility & Hydrological Disasters

  1. It seems frivolous of me to comment on your $1.75 dress, when your post has a far more meaningful intent. As always, you shop wisely and with style.

    I have just started selling on ebay after years of buying all manner of things. I can’t think of a better cause right now than helping our own, up north. Well, except for the Salvos who do wonderful work. This time, it will be for QLD

    I enjoy reading your posts and the pictures are always great.

    • I have only sold one item on eBay and the stress of getting negative feedback actually woke me up in the middle of the night. That said, I have never neg-ed anyone. Never had to. Selling on eBay for charity is something that I notice quite a lot of people doing incidentally. One store sells entire outfits for $15.00 eg bag, dress, scarf, necklace, bracelets, earrings etc. That’s a great way to clear out old op shop stock.

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