No More Lazy Bastarditis & Frocking Fridays

This time last year I blogged about some of my New Years Resolution – to learn to drive.  That was a fun plan that was ultimately completely unfulfilled. Not a sole met the gas pedal. A shame really because for a while I was idly wondering whether I might buy a pair of driving shoes.

No, not these:














these >

Arguably according to recent safety tests conducted by the Automobile Association stilettos are in fact much safer to drive in than many other shoes – wellies, walking boots, wedged sandals and the worst offenders – flip flops (ok, ok THONGS waves away Australian readers impatiently). In the video link Carol Decker of 80s pop group T Pau recounts a near death experience driving on holiday in platform soles.

If that wasn’t enough to put me off driving for the rest of the year… actually the report was published in September 2010 which means that I was just suffering from a severe case of Lazy Bastarditis prior to that.

Then there was the blogging or the lack thereof. You know things are bad in these digital times when your cousin sends you a handwritten, handmade Christmas card saying:

“I miss your blogs.”

So do I. But here’s the thing.

I have lost my blogging mojo. It’s gone.

But help is at hand.  Wordpress have launched two nudzh, ahem, inspiration campaigns –

  • Post a Day 2011: Post something to your blog every single day through 2011
  • Post a Week 2011: Post to your blog at least once a week through 2011

Bearing in mind that I:

  • lose my house keys at least once a week
  • am late for work due to an inability to find matching stockings with no runs in them at least twice a week
  • get home late from work virtually all week

Post a Day may not be the way for me to keep my marriage and my sanity intact this year. That leaves option 2, Post a Week.

Now here is where it gets even easier for me – somebody somewhere has decided that 2011 is going to be the Year of the Frock. I am all for frocks. These cut the time that it takes me to get dressed by at least 10 minutes. Now I just have to match up all those odd stockings and I am ready for Frocking Fridays.

Anyone care to join in? The challenge is to wear a dress a week on Friday for 52 weeks this year. All ages and genders are invited.

My boss is quite pleased to hear that not only shall I be wearing dresses but I shall also be wearing slips and avoiding fishnets. Well, I shall try…



13 thoughts on “No More Lazy Bastarditis & Frocking Fridays

  1. A post a day sounds absolutely exhausting. I do like the idea of a post a week though – I miss it when you don’t blog!

    Frocking Fridays sounds brilliant……. and like an excellent excuse for more pretty frocks.

  2. Sweet girl, blog when you want to. Sometimes, we simply have nothing to share. As someone who has been blogging for a long time, I can say that you will get your mojo back. People like you who manage to articulate the whispers of our inner soles, are meant to keep talking. You will rediscover your voice and we will be here.

    Much love. D

  3. I mourn the loss of fishnets.
    I pass on wearing a skirt.
    I don’t believe for a minute that you’ve lost your blogging mojo. It may be having a short nap, but it isn’t lost. That isn’t possible. It is a prospect that we, your adoring fans, could bear.
    I won’t comment on the “gas” pedal reference and merely assume you were in the USA at the time. (inserts LOL to avoid a slap to the head).
    I heard a rumour that it is illegal to drive in thongs. Quite right too.
    I would be delighted to give you driving lessons…just not in MY car, OK? It’s really quite easy…a few hand/foot co-ordinated moves, a few road rules, knowing where the light switch is and above all, confidence. The latter should be no probs for you. I charge by the hour

    • No driving lessons for the moment. Too many other things to concentrate on like Frocking Fridays, the 2011 Shoe Challenge. Never let it be said that I am easily distracted… oh look, pretty shoes

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