Guest Blog Post by Siouxsie Law – How Caveat Calcei Saved My Lily Darlings



Lily Darlings by Fluevog - image courtesy of


I love Fluevog shoes.  Over the years, I have acquired a pretty large collection of Mr. John Fluevog’s shoes.  When I travel, if the city has a Fluevog store, I make sure to put a stop on my itinerary.   Chicago and  NY are my favorite Fluevog stops.

Why are Fluevogs so awesome?  They are funky, comfortable, sexy, and versatile.   Lots of people share my love of Fluevogs.  In fact, five other posts on Caveat Calcei mention these shoes.  Even Corporette blogged about them.  My favorite are my pair of Lily Darlings that have a rare and impossible-to-find purple trim.  I have worn them to weddings, court, funerals (sorry about that Uncle Dick (seriously, that was his name, g-d rest his soul)), and clubs.  I have worn them EVERYWHERE.


Siouxsie Law's Lily Darlings


So I was crushed when I thought I had somehow lost them.  And after two years, I totally gave up on ever finding them.   Until Caveat Calcei blogged about losing a Fluevog and then successfully recovering it.  I reached out to Caveat Calcei and she walked me though how to find shoes that have mysteriously disappeared.  She is the Miss Marple of shoe mysteries.  That is, if Miss Marple was young, sexy, and had a weakness for pretty shoes.

Caveat Calcei advised that I think about where I had last been with the shoes.   So I proceeded to interrogate several family members with whom I had visited and two hotels in which I had stayed.   Although I alienated some relatives in the process and am now probably banned from The James Hotel, it worked.  I discovered that I had not lost them during any travels.  Phew.

Next, Caveat Calcei suggested that I think about who had been in my house.  She noted that  “when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?”  Or something like that.  And she suggested that a house guest may have left with my Lily Darlings.   “Excellent, I cried.”  “Elementary,” said she.

So I thought about it, and sure enough during the time frame, I had one weirdo house guest.   He was my new prime suspect.  So I confronted him on his facebook wall.  I posted:  “I know you took my shoes, you SOB.”

As it happens, he didn’t.  Several weeks later I found the shoes in one of my closets.

The moral of this story is that Caveat Calcei is a miracle worker.  Or maybe it is that if you don’t lose your Fluevogs, they will last forever, especially with the aid of a cobbler.   Plus, your cobbler will think you have the coolest shoes.  I’m talking eyes-popping-out-of-the-cobbler’s-head cool.  It is worth buying a pair for this reaction alone.


CeCe Boots by Fluevog


I forgot to say this earlier, but Fluevogs are expensive.  Don’t let this stop you.  You really can wear them for a looooong time.  Plus, I’ve had really good luck buying them used.  Either way, you should go out and get a pair for yourself.  New or vintage.  It does not matter.

Just don’t misplace them.

Good luck.


About the Author:

The guest blogger is the author of Siouxsie Law,  simply the best legal blog there has ever been.  She is a litigator and also a goth.  She blogs about stuff that is spooky and/or legal, and anything else that she feels like writing about.

12 thoughts on “Guest Blog Post by Siouxsie Law – How Caveat Calcei Saved My Lily Darlings

    • Never having been convinced that anyone finds anything by using tags I have decided to let the dogs of my imagination loose a bit more often. “Mush!”

      I’ll let you know what happens. It really is a delight and an honour to have your shoes and funky hosiery grace Law and Shoes. We should put in a credit for those animal print tights, before someone asks.

  1. Thanks for this, Siouxsie, this is fantastic! Glad to meet another Fluevog fan (I’m one of the people who have posted for Caveat Calcei about my fluevogs…). I’ve been travelling for 3 months, and didn’t have any fluevogs with me, and when I got home yesterday – I was so happy to put on my Tiff brogues. I missed them!
    I know what you mean about the expense – but they could not be more worth it. This morning I found myself thinking that I will save up for a pair of cece boots, ready for next winter in asutralia. Can’t wait!

    Anyway, thanks again for the post and I am so glad you found your shoe 🙂

    • Hi Professor Alison! I loved your post, and your shoes.

      The cece boots are so worth it. I got mine on eBay. And that particular pair were possessed with the prior owner’s dark mojo. Awesome. The boots and the mojo are mine now. Bwahaha.

    • After reading about your love for Fluevogs I was hooked Alison. I decided that the only way that I could afford a pair was to lurk in wait on eBay. After a few unsuccessful bidding attempts here and via US eBay the ones that I blogged about came up via a French eBay seller.

      I did not want to bid too soon and waited up until some ungodly hour to bid for them. The postage was ridiculously high as it is from every continental European country to Australia but my joy in them justifies the cost. I had worn them once to one of our geek lady aka dominatrix army dinners in Sydney (Damana was there). On their second outing I lost one – while you were overseas.

      It is good to see you back – can’t wait to see what you write about in Images to Live By x

  2. You are crazy! My kind of crazy. Alienating family and accusing old friends of stuff, for a pair of shoes is prioritising at it’s best.

    Fluevogs are not my type of shoe but your love of them makes me want to try again and see if I was being a little shoe-ist at last meeting.

    Great post.

  3. I’ve never heard of Fluevogs before reading your post. Just took a look at their website and I’m in love with a pair called 40th Anniversary Reissues | Choice Hi: Vanny [Black & White] … oh la la! Are they a generous fit?Does anyone in Australia stock Fluevogs? Can’t see me getting OS anytime soon.

  4. OMG! I can’t believe they’re sold in Brissie. Normally groovy things like this are only in Melbourne … oh how my feet miss living there 😉 I’ll have to go to Sole Devotion and try some Fluevogs on once the kids go back to school. I’m hoping they’re going to be a nice wide fit for me. I’m a short arse, so I need a bit of a heel but I can’t walk in teetering ones. These are a good compromise. Thanks so much for your info! I’ll let you know how I go.

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