A Shoe Annal by The Minx (age 3)

She who is small and bites is three years old today.  The talking is coming on well. The depositing of faeces in the toilet is also going well despite problems earlier in the year.  The shoe situation has been hit or miss.

The difference a year makes

About this time last year, the Minx was rather partial to dresses and matching shoes.  In fact more often that not she would insist on wearing a dress, even to play outside in puddles.  Puddles normally provide a good reason to wear welly boots. In my daughter’s case welly boots are for wimps, unless of course the wellies are worn inside and on the furniture.

You have to give her credit for accessorising with her duvet cover.  Incidentally, does anyone else out there have weans that spend hours every day camping under a quilt on the sofa?

For some strange reason we ended up with two pairs of identical white leather sandals which were the only things that the Minx would wear in the winter. Admittedly, it doesn’t get that cold in Sydney in wintertime (June to August) but that didn’t stop just about every granny in the St George office telling us off for letting my daughter get chilblains.

The Ubiquitous White Sandals

Since I have not learned to say ‘thank you for your input but it is as welcome as a fart in a space suit‘ in more than one language, I usually do a tight smile that involves clamping my back teeth together.  Also, I never make eye contact with people when I am out and about with my children.  If I didn’t see you glaring at me, it didn’t happen.

The thing is that you can spend your life trying to make your children wear weather appropriate clothing or you can get to work on time.  It’s a simple efficiency algorithm particularly when dealing with a child that has been pretending to be a dog for the last six months hanging out of car windows barking at the birds or eating out of pots or from the floor.

But there is the odd glimmer of light on a patent leather pump at the end of the tunnel. I can guarantee that the shoes that the Minx will wear are mine.

For example here she is wearing a pair of my oxford brogues shoe-boots:

and my Irregular Choice mules

In fact, I am beginning to suspect that she might have a bit of shoe rivalry going on with Kristen Obaid’s daughter who managed to walk elegantly in these 5 inch platform pumps first go.  The next day I caught the Minx attempting to strut down a flight of stairs in the same pumps.

A bit of female rivalry is a good thing because the longer she spends hanging out with her brother the further away from the feminine she floats.

At least she isn’t trying to pee standing up any more.

Happy birthday little miss Minx. I love you x

11 thoughts on “A Shoe Annal by The Minx (age 3)

  1. i love her! my little one is obsessed with my shoes, too (big surprise!). yesterday she tried to “help” me set up my shoes for pictures. clearly i am a bad influence.

    • Erin, you are a bad influence on me! My eBay shoe purchases have trebled since I started reading your wonderful blog.

      Seriously, though what wee girl wouldn’t want to emulate you. You are my shoe idol.

    • Hi Fiona – welcome to Law and Shoes. There is some seriously yummy food on your Little Lioness blog. I am going to start reading regularly and leave the photos onscreen to encourage the Minx & the Noisy Boy in their food journey. As you say, good habits start young.

  2. Down a flight of stairs in high heels?? Well done pretty little Minx… i haven’t mastered that one yet. That’s when you swap your heels for havianas… (*ducks*)
    I thought of you at the hen’s night on Saturday… i tried pole dancing wearing my black leather boots… pity one can’t take photographs of oneself.

    Happiest of Happy Birthday’s to the Minx… Miss2 has a singing birthday cake toy, we’ll have to bring it over for the Minx to play with celebratorily.

    Did i just make that word up?

    Miss you heaps, i’ve hardly had a spare minute for Twitter… your Twitter-tainment is the only thing that gets me through most weeks (no wonder i’m struggling this week!?!)

    Mwah xox

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