Day 72 of the Shoe Challenge – Déjà Black Boots

Tony Bianco Leather Knee Length Boots

Isn’t it terrible when work gets in the way of writing about shoes?  The last fortnight has been fraught with the kind of diffiulties that I thought that I had left behind in 1993. Sleepless nights. The inability to eat.  Frequent explosive trips to the bathroom.

That’ll be the court case.

The main reason that I gave up court work was the responsibility of losing.  Some people can afford to lose court cases. Their names are Richard Branson and Bill Gates. The rest of the world cannot.  So when a friend came to me with an unpleasant dispute the first thing that I thought was – run, RUN FOR THE HILLS (me not him).

But I remained and I have watched the drama unfold slowly and painfully over the last six months. It is nearly at an end. Meantime, there has been little time for writing or at least writing that does not involve strict legal conventions.  Legal documents must not contain emotive language, or opinions or statements overheard while on the train.  Legal reality is short sharp and brutally edited. There is no room in the fluorenscent light of legal reality for shoe blogging.

Contemporaneously (which is a word loved by legal draftspeople) I have begun to wonder whether some of you might think  that I have taken leave of my senses.

On a Tuesday a while back, the day that I wore these boots, my good pal Tom Voirol stopped off at the office. He and his wife Sonia had queued patiently to see the Masterpieces from Paris Exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia in early April this year.  (My husand and I had been hoping to visit @ACTinglikeamama and the exhibition with the weans simultaneously but it was not to be).  Tom not only picked up the exhibition catalogue for me but delivered it wearing his bikers’ helmet and leathers. For a fleeting moment it was a good interlude in my working day.

Then, like many people, Tom  greeted me and my footwear simultaneously. A warm smile of recognition was extended towards my boots “Ah” he said “I think that we have met before“. Feeling like a bristly spinster aunt at a wedding I replied “Oh no, you must be talking about my Day 69 boots, my Day 23 boots or my really boring boots“.  At that point I think Tom started to complement my boss on the quality of light in our boardroom.  Deflection in this case was a Very Good Move.

The thing was that I started to doubt myself – do I have too many pairs of black boots? Are they are all the same? Am I losing the plot entirely? Are you all beginning to suffer from déjà shoe vu?

In some ways this court case has come at a point for me to reflect, to recollect, to review and perhaps (though it pains me to do so) to cull my boot collection.

But then, on the day before I appeared in court with my guts churning and my mind full of crystallised candy floss,  I received a message of solidarity and support. There is another completely mental shoe girl out there. Her name is Damana.

Today” she wrote ” I‘m doing my best to not just buy black boots. I have too many.”

I am not alone…

17 thoughts on “Day 72 of the Shoe Challenge – Déjà Black Boots

  1. Oh great, I sound like an enabler.

    On that point, you do not have too many black boots if you only have three pairs. I think that’s a very reasonable number of black boots.


  2. There is no such thing as too many pairs of black boots. I have confounded my male friends & partner by endlessly shopping for and collecting: Posh Black Work Boots, Sexy Black Boots, Slouchy Casual Black Boots That Also Go With Dresses, Ankle Boots and Flat Black Boots, to name a few.

    There is also no such thing as too many pairs of brown boots – tan slouchy, cowboy, ankle, flat, riding style…

    In fact let’s just say I support your boot addiction completely without prejudice.

    Have you blogged on the purple ones yet?

  3. I have two pair. One pair are flat, knee-high square toed comfy things suitable for running around after children. The others are so gorgeous I’ve just had them re-soled. Diana Ferrari black leather knee-high pointy toed, kitten-heeled stunners. I love them. I feel stunning in them. They turn heads. But I have a dilemma.

    I have started going to the gym. And as much as I expected to hate it, I like it. I actually enjoy running on the treadmill, working up a sweat and not feeling guilty about my after dinner chocolate habit. But all this running has brought with it unsought after consequences.

    Calf muscles. Quite impressive calf muscles, actually. It’s not a problem when we’re all running around in platform wedges and jewelled thongs, but it becomes an issue when we try to zip up our gorgeous winter boots!

    I know I need to go to the gym and be fit and healthy blah blah blah. It’s a good thing. But I am in a dilemma about my running. I can’t work out so much that my boots don’t fit! Isn’t it supposed to be that we go to the gym so our clothes do fit?!? This is unfair!

    Maybe I need to check out a nice long, lean Pilates class instead and allow my muscles to atrophy back to their former size. Other wise, the boots will have been re-soled for nought. And we can’t be having that.

    Any other ideas?

    • Hi redonpurpose,

      I too have ridiculously fit calf muscles. I’ve found that stockings really do help when slipping in to tight boots. Knee-high socks can also be a great help.

      Worst case scenario, you get to go shopping for new shoes and that’s not torture.


    • Stretching your calves with yoga & pilates helps enormously. When I cycled I had a terrible time trying to get boots to fit over mine. Also, lace up boots are a very good option.

  4. Oh and it was such a shame to not have you visit me! I will have to endeavour to make my way up north and visit you instead!

    On the boots, I had two pairs. A practical, comfy and solid pair that are my favourites (very similar to the above). I had another pair that were fancy, with a small heel and pointy toes. The heel kept grinding off (someone told me this was from driving and keeping the heel at a constant angle?) and I would be walking in a shopping centre and it was like I was ice skating – slipping and sliding everywhere. Every time I wore them, they failed me. Three times in 2 months i paid to get them re-heeled. I finally had to admit defeat. Sadly, I left those boots at work one day, and as I have been on maternity leave for 3+ years I hate to think where they are now? IS there are heaven somewhere for boots that just weren’t meant to be?

    • There is a heaven for boots that were not meant to be & a limbo for lost boots (my patchwork stiletto thigh length pirate boots *dramatic sniff*)

      We will still visit you – I promise. Probably one of these weekends when the 6YO keeps saying”where are we going, are we going to do something interesting, what is that going to be, when will we get there?”

  5. Calf muscles. The one part of my body that is hot and I know it is from the knee down. I also have nice wrists. And eyes. But it is my beautiful calves that meant that I recently had to NOT buy the perfect pair of black boots.

    My arse is too big, my boobs are too small, my tummy truly represents two caesars and one other abdo surgical effort.

    But my calves … damn.

    Stupid boots.

  6. Did my silly iPhone just cause a blank comment?
    @redonpurpose stretching & pilates will definitely help! My professional ballet dancing cousin stretches for 2 hours a day to stay lean… They suggest 20mins stretching for every 40mins exercising (ie 1/3 of your exercise = stretching)
    @Gabfran I’ve missed you the last few weeks (I’m busy at work too)… I love this post though… Your DeShoesVu makes me want to write about boots. Thank you for the inspiration!! xox

  7. I am the proud owner of 3 pairs of black boots. Of course, I only wear 2 of the pairs. I can’t seem to part with the pair that look great, but are incredibly uncomfortable. I am apparently living in some kind of optimistic haze that makes me believe that one of these days, I’ll put those boots on, and I’ll be able to dance until dawn. However, at the moment, I can’t even make it out the door without turning back and changing shoes. So, rather than spending time on my feet, they languish under the bed in the Land of Forgotten Shoes.

    My second pair look exactly like the Uncomfortable Pair. Tall, zip up black boots. I wear these incessantly during the Fall season. I wear them with capris or skirts. Basic and Comfortable. I love them.

    And then, there’s my favorite pair ever. My Operetta Mirella FLUEVOGS. Black, with buckles, that zip, and come up to mid calf. Should be an unflattering line, but no…they are sexy as hell, and comfortable to boot. I wear them every chance I get, when the weather cooperates. I live in fear of wearing them in the snow or in the rain. I somehow feel that moisture will be the death knell to these kick ass boots. In these instances, the old workhorse black boots come out.

    So, I currently have 3 pair. I currently wear 2 pair. But, I am actively pursuing a 4th pair. I see another pair of FLUEVOGS in my near future. As long as my husband doesn’t see the credit card statement…

    Perhaps these for pair #4…

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